Make Dead POS's Be Unanchorable By Anyone

Instead of having to shoot a tower first to be able to unanchor or blap modules, anyone should be able to unanchor offlined towers and then either blap the modules or unanchor them and take them. Or they should be able to blap the modules without the structure resistance bonus.

Why does this matter? It really doesn’t, but it would be cool to swipe a few of these anchored towers floating around out here in wormhole space that havent had anyone use them since Bush Jr was in office.

This has been requested several times. The consensus is that CCP couldn’t make this change even if they wanted to, since the POS computer code is effectively unworkable and undocumented.

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Who doesnt document code. Bunch of wabs if we’re real here.

Lets clean up space and get rid of these decomposing pos’s

Or make it so the trigs hack them and turn them instantly hostile to everyone but if you blap them you get the phat lewts.

If the underlying code is really the issue, CCP could just despawn any that have been offline for a long enough period of time.

edit: imo, the pos tower assets could be reused as well. I’m sure a lot of people would like a cheap tether structure, that was an upgrade to an mobile depot but not as big of an investment as a citidel. Maybe something in the 50-100 mil range.

@Brisc_Rubal - remember when you guys rigged up that scheme to get rich off of “abandoned” citadels? Maybe you can think up something similar for old POSs. The players actually seem to like the idea.

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As someone who loves to spend hours killing offline towers, this proposal would make me sad.

I spend hours doing the same, look at my killboard

I just want to unanchor the tower so I can blap the modules in a few polarized oracles.

It’s just so tedious seeing Amarr control tower large with a bunch of beam lazers just sitting there.

We must blap

Best ideal would not take much but if the stick has been dead for 3 months and the corporation that placed it is not active then a petition to a GM to transfer the POS to the player who petitions the GM after payment for the material cost of the POS and modules so Concord gives it’s blessing.

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