Make abandoned structures in Hisec not defended by concord

Allow us to clear out abandoned structures in hisec without having to declare wars etc.

You could add another tier to adandoned which is “long abandoned”. Say 4 weeks after going into abandoned state.

This would allow people to clear out the clutter cheaply and efficiently.

If the aim was to remove the clutter then this addition would allow that to happen.

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If you want in on the loot piñata anchoring a structure and declaring war is not a very high cost.


My thoughts were people could just shoot random abandoned structures as they go past.

i live in null so I rarely go into hisec. I just thought it would be a cool addition. If no one is looking after the structure then let them fall to anyone who shoots them.

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They will fall to anyone who shoots them - after they pay off CONCORD for the right to attack non-criminals in high sec space.


I guess I was confused, I thought that in high sec the new abandoned state meant you could shoot them without a wardec and without a CONCROD response.

Guess it is good I stay in lowsec, I don’t appear to know the rules! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Easy guide to da rules:

Green dot: No fun allowed, only grinding. No one will randomly get to shoot you and not explode.

Yello dot: Fun mode. You can do all sorts of things which mean people can shoot you, and then you can shoot them. You won’t randomly explode via concord party.

Red dot: Super fun mode. Let’s you invite concord to a party.

NC.: Go back to malpais.

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How about corps that only have abandoned structures don’t cost stupid amounts to dec?

It’s already a trivial cost to wardec.

Clearly not.

Isn’t it 100 million? That isn’t trivial for most players.

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It’s not trivial but it’s also not so high that most can’t afford to WD…Heck buying/selling(flipping) a few BS will make a player that in a day or two and that requires almost no skill.

It is a good incentive for highsec loners to join together, that is for sure. The bad guys already have structure-bashing corps. The white knights can do the same. Owning a structure and paying 100 mil is a significant barrier to entry that is a lot more affordable by groups.

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Very true…the WD itself isn’t that bad IMO but you are right that the additional costs of a station and its gear PLUS the ships to defend it (optional) is more of a barrier…good point.

If they’re maintaining a structure in order to actually be eligible then it should not be significant to them.

Players don’t wardec, corps do. The wardec costs should not be a burden for a corp that has set itself up to pursue this kind of conflict in high sec.

And yet we have a problem with structure spam and not enough people to tear them down…


What problem? Are the structures preventing you from doing something? It’s super easy to define something you find distasteful as “a problem” but it’s also super lazy and doesn’t actually make it a real thing.

You can do something about it if it bothers you. Just making it a free for all isn’t fixing anything. How many structures are even going into abandoned right now? Will they even be there in two weeks? Would this change fix the “spam” or are most structures actually fuelled? People that want to sit in their PvE ravens for half an hour at a raitaru already can. They just have other things they want to do with their time.

Those that want in on the abandoned state piñatas have already gotten themselves into a position to participate.

This isn’t going to solve any problems. If you wanna change the structure landscape there are Corps you can join or you can start one.

The one that even ccp have been talking about and trying to redesign structures because of.

Lower the dec costs for for them and people probably will.

But it’s not a surprise to me that most people don’t think it’s worth 100mil per dec. Because it’s, by definition, not a trivial amount.

This man is straw.

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