Forsaken Fortress Revisited

Gotta agree with some of Elise Randolph’s points in the June 8th Talking in Stations “Forsaken Fortress Massacre” episode , the structure loot piñata crap seems to only/mainly “benefit” a few pros who already have more than sufficient income. Along the main trade routes there have been sprawling structures, Raitarus, Astrahus, etc who’ve been useful for thousands of players, I cant even remember half the structures I’ve left stuff in, but I often dock up in several - for a break, when transporting stuff etc. Now having to go around to all of them to empty them just because I cant trust their owners to fuel them is just disrupting my gameplay insanely. It’s tedious and boring, and we end up just putting our stuff in the old stations. Killing structures has gone from noone bothers to stupid easy, stupid fast lowpower even with fuel in them. I know CCP wont give a flying fugkc about my opinion, but I’ll voice it anyway.

Postscript: Sure We could say that all neutral / “freeport” / or even blued astras /structures are unsafe/useless/too dangerous and return to 2015 and just use old stations, but thats both boring and dangerous as they have no tether, take forever to undock etc. I m hoping for solutions that make the game better, not explanations why we should still play like it was 2015.


You don’t have to visit them to move your stuff if it’s that big of a deal. Do you really have stuff in all of them that you actually care about?

Edit: you know you can have your docking privileges revoked from any player structure at any time right? So leaving stuff of value in them has always been foolish.

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Old burger wraps and coke cans dont count, but thats very civic minded of you

I do have stuff in too many ye, and after having played in one specific region now for 2-3 years, there are stations along a often 20 system/jump journey to Jita (and back) where Ive left like all kinds of ships and filled transporters and industrials of all kinds, waiting for a lull in fighting/enemy presence etc, on the edges between null, low sec and hisec, etc. and sure , and sure I know about revoking the docking priviliges ye, but when you have an alt blued to a large nullsec corp in order to do transport, there’s a myriad of structures as well as the “freeports” (that you cant trust) and although its true you can never know which of even your allied structures will be unanchored or forgotten fueled, moved and so on, there have been those you could trust at least more than others, like astra gate perches that the large alliances find useful etc, that you dont expect will disappear, but ye. We could say that all astras /structures are useless/too dangerous and return to 2015 and just use old stations, but thats both boring and dangerous as they have no tether, take forever to undock etc. I m hoping for solutions that make the game better, not explanations why we should still play like it was 2015.

Alt+T brings up your Assets window.

Regardless of the lootapolooza aspect, these changes were going to make abandoned structures disappear. It is literally the reason for this change and completely intended to make unpowered, abandoned structure go away.

You can simply just go down your asset list and activate asset safety on everything in an Upwell structure. There is even a helpful icon to tell you when things are at risk. It will take you 5 minutes and you don’t even have to undock.

I’m not sure that is too much to ask to give new life to the time-honoured profession of being a space janitor in New Eden.


Sure, a great tool for newplayers but… after half a decade in EVE and 7++ PVP alts, 3 industrial alts and 3 transporting ones, several Jita alts… well… have you ever seen how much the asset window lags when you try hitting search? :slight_smile: If I’m in a sticky situation I often leave expensive stuff in a reasonably safe structure that’s been either freeport for a long time or I know the owners, and either clone jump home or leave in a shuttle or an interceptor. After doing that for a few years you end up with a lot of stuff around all of eve - which is (was) also one of the great charms of the new structures. That you could find a ship to escape in that you had left there some months earlier. I’m not saying that’s a or the main argument for anything but it was a great charm in my opinion.

sounds like you problem, tbh

yeah, CCP should change this because you, specifically, got yourself in a mess and now don’t know how to handle it. great argument.


Sure. I’m among “the few” who play EVE for a long time, is that it?? didn’t compute for me. sorry.

Blockquoteyeah, CCP should change this because you, specifically, got yourself in a mess and now don’t know how to handle it. great argument.

Ye - sure, if you think you can pretend this hasn’t been discussed for hours on end by hundreds of players on discord, twitch, youtube and just recently on several editions of TiS and the likes.

the changes are good for the game
CCP should have warned the players 1 / 2 months prior
and the use of SISI is bad

look at this from Jin’taans video


Sure, ye. And I agreed with the mechanics when it was suggested, and I still see there’s a bunch of very legitimate points - I didnt want to see the overview cluttered with 200 unused/abandoned structures either.

So yea, I’m not hardline against this mechanics - I just think it still needs some fine tuning. Perhaps something that actually generates fights over the structures instead of making them vulnerable to 2-3 Kikis or something lame like that. I know being in a large nullsec block people get really tired and bored of going out to defend every single perch the small gangs reff, but sure thats a problem for the large blocks to solve as well. But we’ll see how this develops. But for the small gangs who cant guarantee that they always have people to either defend or refuel on a regular basis, I’m guessing it hits them much harder and to them their relatively small caches of assets may be much more important to them, than the assets large groups can amass in their Keepstars. So there may be a whole host of issues like that surfacing as we go forward, I dont know. But even though there obviously could be too many structures in many systems I also liked to see space teeming with life and opportunities. That’s at least something I found attractive with the structure changes from the beginning. But ye, it’s not a major issue to me - yet - I still love EVE and will still play and try to find my own “counters” to what I perceive as problematic.

Don’t worry about Scoots_Choco he’s just angry his girlfriend isn’t putting out again.

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in any case. this is just a thread that could serve to show some of the feedback - for and from those who wish to indicate that the current solutions to “abandoned” structures do have consequences that may not be optimal for all players current gameplay. And maybe even find and contribute ideas that might improve the current situation.

I will contribute. Don’t leave your stuff where you can lose it. This is a 12 yr old toon. NONE of anything of importance is anywhere I can lose it short of Trig’s. And that I can deal with as well.


I think the OP has some points but I also have to agree with detractors on this. It’s a problem that can be avoided.

I still think abandoned stations should simply become open to anybody who fuels it. It would cause those not intending to have a structure to take one over, and then find out if they can defend it or not. Or maybe we would see the emergence of a “squatters alliance”?

Either way: content™
And much better than just blowing it up and taking loot that just become more boring ISK of which there is already too much of.

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While many noble ideas have been proposed, if I was gone from a game for 10 yrs, I would not expect my sheet to still be there 10 yrs later.

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Realistically, if you left your junk behind in stations across 20 systems for many months, it’s because it was never worth transporting anywhere and never will be.

Make a bunch of small hauling contracts and have someone clean your crap up and move it all to one central station. Give some small hauler guy some business. If it isn’t worth the contracting, then again, it was never worth enough to bother with.

Worrying about the value of your trash when there’s trillions of ISK worth of abandoned stations floating around seems a bit silly. Either get on the loot train and start smashing ghost citadels, clean up your junk, or forget about it. It’s junk.

That said, I personally believe CCP went the wrong way with this. Telling people they could anchor and leave multi-billion structures in space and then changing the rules to allow for swift destrucion of same, over a short period, is basically just CCP finding yet another way to flip the bird to their paying customers.

There were other and better ways to handle this, but that’s a discussion for another thread and time.


It’s a disadvantage to people who put up structures and don’t fuel them and to people who put stuff in peoples structures and don’t move them.

That set of circumstances isn’t really based on how rich and powerful you are but how active you are.


So there are pros and cons to having an abandoned state. Obviously some systems look like garbage with dozens of stations floating around no one is using. However, If the objective is to simply clean up space, I don’t see the need to exclude asset safety. When you look at the investment of ISK, time and energy into putting these structures up as well as how CCP marketed them as “replacements” to the POS system, it really seems silly how easy they are to kill even with fuel much less without. At least a POS was half the price for the same functionality.

Essentially due to you now knowing how the owner is managing their station, as people put less faith in structures owned by others, NPC stations will become the norm again and citadel use will decline to the point that Upwell structures will be a failure system without major iterations to this state. Honestly, I would have preferred a 4th state, “LOA” whereby the station owner can set their station to 2 states as before and logging back into the game disables LOA and returns to the 3 stage design. The period following expenditure of fuel to abandoned state should really be increased by a week as well to 2 weeks, and asset safety should be re-enabled for assets that do not belong to station owners. Station owner assets should be exempt from asset protection though. While there are work arounds to circumvent this, from a design perspective it is improvement at least.

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