An Actually Good EVE Sov-Nullsec PVE Proposal (That Even Utilizes Existing In-Game AI and Content!)

I found myself pondering the question “does CCP Swift have something to read right this second?” and I assumed he had finished most all his coloring books for the day so here is something fresh! Where to begin…

The ecosystem of EVE Online is built on top of foundation composed of PVE. The majority of RPG / MMORPG video gamers play this genre due to it’s reward based or incentive based task design. At the fundamental level most everyone initially starts, and even occasionally returns, to the PVE aspect of the game – whether it be for in-game wealth generation or the repetitive dopamine release one receives from accomplishing a mission or task given to them by the game itself. PVE also forces this majority of playerbase out into the EVE Online environment. A more engaging and rewarding content package will absolutely translate into a more risky and participating playerbase. Additionally, returning to the idea that most RPG / MMORPG players play these games for the PVE content, it can be assumed that higher levels of player retention and new player interest will result from said content focus.

Why am I stating things you might think you already know? It’s obvious the ‘krabber’ culture and lifestyle has been all but abandoned by the majority of the ‘vocal players’ and even viewed as some scarlet letter to be worn. [INCOMING RANT, YOU CAN SKIP] The community has loudly screeched from on high about too much isk generation, overpowered krabbing vessels, and the ‘unfair’ safety krabs have with their daily activities. Failures in common sense, foresight, and in-depth understanding of the delicate interconnected threads weaving EVE Online’s ecosystem has fostered a more recent player base plagued with a lack of foresight and a hyperfocus on instant-win / instant-reward preferences. A prime example is the vocal group screeching about supers and rorquals not instantaneously dying every time a hunter lit his covert-cyno thus leading to overwhelming nerfs in the super ratting or rorqual mining activities. Even though those of us with more experience and wisdom regarding EVE ‘butterfly effects’ were red-alarming the mid-term and long-term consequences of such nerfs, that these ships were major content contributors to player-interaction based content, the vocal group’s lobbying efforts eventually got what they wanted – now the hunting fields have been culled to roughly 10% of what it was. Additionally, daily rorqual and super losses no longer contribute to notable mineral demand and affiliated asset costs have plunged, deadspace and faction module supply has grown tighter, and ratters have shifted to cheaper safer alternatives. This is an example of how fundamental PVE activity, super ratting and rorqual mining in this example, impacts other content avenues of the game. [END OF RANT] Sometimes I believe this community has the memory of a goldfish when it comes to the basic understanding that in order for a ship to die, the ship must first undock. Also being good at the game is a two-way street, just because you find a Rattlesnake going hard in a haven doesn’t mean it must absolutely 100% die and feed you a killmail – YOU gotta make it die, which requires skill, risk, and effort.

Where am I going with this wall of text? In summary I have been contemplating a sov-nullsec NPC anomaly system that is focused on 1.) generating balanced risk v reward, 2.) reduction with passive afk farming and introduction of more interactive engaging NPC activities, and 3.) unintentionally curbing the widespread standard botting anomaly ratters.

Is this the answer to all things EVE? Absolutely not, this is just a proposal that makes an attempt at replenishing the nullsec hunting fields while simultaneously giving nullsec inhabitants a reason for undocking ships and living there. Missions still need a desperate overhaul, Faction Warfare’s dumpster fire needs to be extinguish, and more group-based PVE content should be implemented. People forget that most of your PVP focused player base most likely started with PVE and eventually transitioned over time.

The Concept: NPC Counter-Offensive Breaches

Preliminary Statement: Most all of this concept utilizes already existing in-game content, just combining them differently and changing numbers.

Overview: Introduction of the ‘Provocation Meter’ with 6 levels. Level advancement is directly tied to system NPC kills with each level having a correlating ‘milestone’ goal / achievement (# of kills / bounties earned in an hour or similar). Each level also has a corresponding impact on system-wide NPC spawns (both anomaly and belt rat), bounty multipliers, drop rates, and NPC AI.

NOTE: NPC kill counter resets upon level advancement. The counter counts towards next level advancement goal unless current level timer expires at which case the system is reverted to previous level.

NOTE 2: Multiplier values, drop % values, spawn quantity values, etc… are all very rough “place fillers” and I have not yet mathed out in full all the different attributing values of everything.

Level 0: “Dormant”

No impact on NPC spawns, no impact on AI, bounty multiplier is 0.5. Faction spawn chance / deadspace escalation = 0%.

Level 1: “Alarmed”Occurs when 100 NPCs killed in 15 minutes, lasts 30 minutes.

NPC anomaly spawn size multiplied by 2x multiplier and have additional +2x EWAR ships added (per spawn wave). NPC belt spawn size affected by 1.5x multiplier with additional +1x EWAR ships. No impact on NPC AI. Bounty multiplier is 1.0x. Faction spawn chance / deadspace escalation = 2% per anomaly or .2% per belt spawn.

Level 2: “Instigated”Occurs when 250 NPCs killed in 30 minutes, lasts 45 minutes.

NPC anomaly spawn size multiplied by 3x multiplier and have +4x EWAR ships added (per spawn wave). NPC belt spawn size affected by 2x multiplier with additional +2x EWAR ships. System anomalies are converted into gated “Instigated Response Platoon” (analogous to Sanctum), “Instigated Response Patrol” (analogous to Forsaken Hub), and “Instigated Response Scout Party” (analogous to Forlorn Hub). Max QTYx4 anomalies existing simultaneously. No impact on AI. Bounty multiplier is 1.5x. Faction spawn chance / deadspace escalation = 4% per anomaly or 1.6% per belt spawn.

Level 3: “Angered”Occurs when 500 NPCs killed in 45 minutes, lasts 60 minutes.

NPC anomaly spawn size multiplied by 6x multiplier and have an additional +8x EWAR ships and +4x EWAR sentry structures (per spawn wave). NPC belt spawns affected by 2.5x multiplier with additional +4x EWAR ships. System anomalies are converted into “Angered Response Platoon / Patrol / Scouts” and an added “Angered Commander Outpost”. Max QTYx2 per anomaly spawns, QTYx1 commander outpost existing simultaneously.

“Angered Commander Outpost” is a gated anomaly w/ up to destroyer sized ship restrictions and not impacted by system-wide spawn size multiplier. “Angered Commander Outposts” are the same / very similar to Team Anomic mission spawns (names are different, Angered Bloodraider Commander & Angered Bloodraider Commander Support for example). Each commander has a 10% chance give a standard faction spawn drop table. This anomaly spawn 2x additional ships per destroyer class and 1x per frigate class vessel that takes the gate with a 50/50 chance of that additional ship being either another commander or support. Example: if you take 2 destroyers and 3x frigates in the anom you’ll encounter the base spawn of commander + 2x support AND +4x additional ships due to destroyers AND +3x additional ships due to frigates).

Only “Angered Commander Outposts” have AI improvement in which the existing anomic burner AI is utilized. Bounty multiplier is 2.0x. Faction spawn chance / deadspace escalation = 8% for non-gated anomalies and 3.2% per belt spawn, 25% increase in faction loot table drop chances.

Level 4: “Infuriated”Occurs when 750 NPCs killed in 60 minutes, last 90 minutes.

NPC non-gated anomaly spawns maintain “Angered” level size multiplier except 25% of spawn is converted to diamond NPC version with escalation factor 25% of what diamond NPCs have normally. NPC belt spawns maintain “Angered” level size multiplier as well but 25% of spawn is converted to diamond rat NPC but with only 10% reinforcement escalation capabilities. Max QTYx1 per anomaly spawns and QTYx1 for commander outpost existing simultaneously. System anomalies are converted to “Infuriated Response Platoon / Patrol / Scouts”.

“Infuriated Commander Outposts” anomaly replaces “Angered Commander Outposts” with ship restrictions increased to cruiser size vessels allowed. Along with a team anomic spawn they also have 1x anomic burner cruiser (commander), has same response-spawn with team anomics but .25 chance to spawn anomic cruiser per cruiser vessel that enters site, additionally there is a 20% chance of double spawning its counter-escalation ships. Each commander has a 50% chance give a standard faction spawn drop table, 10% deadspace drop table.

Diamond NPC AI is added for all diamond NPC spawns except gated anomalies (i.e. commander outposts which operates under anomic burner AI). Faction spawn chance / deadspace escalation = 16% for non-gated anomalies and 6.4% per belt spawn, 50% increase in faction loot table drop chances. Total simultaneous anomaly spawn amount in system is the same as before.

Level 5: “Enraged”Occurs when 1000 NPCs killed in 90 minutes, lasts 120 minutes.

All non-gated anomalies are reverted back to “Instigated” level spawn size multipliers but 50% of spawns on diamond NPCs with escalation factor 75% of what diamond NPCs have normally. NPC belts revert back to “Instigated” level spawn size multipliers but 50% of spawn is converted to diamond rat NPC but with 30% reinforcement escalation capabilities.

“Enraged Commander Outposts” anomaly replaces “Infuriated Commander Outposts” with ship restrictions increased to battleship size vessels, baseline spawn is 6x anomic burner frigate 2x anomic cruiser (commander) and 1x NPC dread (commander), has second wave of spawns. “Enraged Commander Outposts” have the same escalation response spawns as “Infuriated Commander Officer” but elevated .75 chance to spawn anomic cruiser per cruiser level or larger that enters site as well as .25 chance to spawn additional NPC dread with 30% chance of double spawning. Second wave spawns baseline spawn w/ additional anomic team per frigate size and larger, an additional burner cruiser for cruiser size and larger, and has .5 chance to spawn additional NPC dread per battleship. The second wave also has a 3% chance to spawn an NPC titan or .15% chance to spawn an officer.

Diamond NPC AI is added for all diamond NPC spawns except gated anomalies (i.e. commander outposts which operates under anomic burner AI). Faction spawn chance / deadspace escalation = 32% for non-gated anomalies and 12.8% per belt spawn, 75% increase in faction loot table drop chances. Total simultaneous anomaly spawn amount in system is the same as before.

Level 6: Invasion Breach1500 NPCs killed in 120 minutes, lasts until downtime.

All anomalies go way and a beacon shows up on the overview which is the “Counter Offensive Forward Staging”. All NPCs are 100% converted to diamond NPCs with exception to faction / officer spawns. The “Counter Offensive Forward Stagine” is an NPC Fortizar anomaly that acts the same as the NPC Sotiyo events but the Fortizar has no reinforcement period – you gotta eat through shield, armor, and hull. New spawns & reinforcements occur when armor is reach and at the moment hull is reached. The armor spawn has a 25% chance to spawn an NPC titan, 12.5% chance to spawn double NPC titans and 6.25% chance to spawn triple NPC titans. The hull spawn has 50%, 25%, 12.5%, 6.25% chance to spawn single, double, triple, or quadruple NPC Titan spawns as well as 5% chance to spawn an officer. The fortizar has a chance to drop faction structure modules. Perhaps .01% chance of dropping a core that converts normal fortizar into old school station forts w/ original bonus?

Once an “Invasion Breach” has occurred it will not go away until downtime. As long as the Invasion Breach is active the system is 100% diamond NPC spawns roaming around (w/ exception to faction or officer) meaning they can, and will, reinforce any and all structures they can if any are in system. Yes, theoretically you could guerilla rage krab in hostile space and force an ‘offensive’ style Breach against your enemies.

TL;DR - I’m interested in your feedback and critiques, please actually read. I’m gonna haze anyone who shitposts or provides half-assed knee jerk uneducated commentary like the illiterate smoothbrained mouthbreather you are… you ■■■■ on me I ■■■■ on you.


So this system of yours will spawn absolutely everything that any krab could imagine over some attempts . We have faction commanders , dreads , titans , officer spawn and so on, escalations, capital escalations,etc . With diamon/burner AI to compensate for this you say … except that none of this AI matters when you are in a group like yours that can field capitals and supers with ease . How convenient …
Let’s give everything to the null powerblocks again , let’s have DED modules worth 10 mil isk and the 500 PLEX 5 bil ISK . Let’s put the game in a totally unrecoverable state , let’s have Farmville 2.0 !

The bigger point is. It gets stuff out in space to be hunted.

Unless your statified with killing endless swarms of Ishtars, gilas, myrmidons, and vexors.

With the system proposed here the risk is increased with the potential reward.
And as the systems level gose up bigger and more expensive things are needed to combat the rats.

And it also has a counter play built into it.
You find a popular null ratting area. Use a bomber to increase the level despite the locals trying to decrease it. They are left with a choice. Do they ignore this system (meaning they spread out)
Or risk potentially expensive assets to deal with it

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Fozzie Sov is incredibly fun in small groups.

The problem is some players are so scared of being leaders, of losing ships, of taking risks, that they join the blue donut so they don’t have to actually lead their corps through difficult times.

What you need to do is leave your null blocs and learn how to have fun and take responsibility.

CVA got pushed out of Providence, but they didn’t go running to the donut. They continue to fight with dignity.

No rules change will make the weak strong. No rules change will turn the farmer into a warrior.

Leave your null donut or don’t complain about the sov system.

Bro stop being a dumbass - if you actually read anything or understood this game in anyway shape or form you would understand the diamond rat escalation is far superior to burner AI, hunters could absolutely exploit this to their advantage, and that matter how large a group is that it would still be complicated to form fleets that maximize this content. ALSO it’s going to be hard as hell trying to farm this without any losses.

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I have read and understand very well what you propose . It is simply bad for the game .

Looks like you aren’t after all.

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Yes PvP and PvE both need eachother to keep EVE as the interesting and amazing place it always has been.

Seems like more reason to stay at home and rat non-stop in a hard to reach system than fight over resources. Which is the exact system we’re trying to move away from.

Your premise doesn’t make sense:

We have ships in space now, hundreds if not thousands. But they can see enemies coming before they even enter system. The DBS has reduced bounties across null because there are so many ships in space ratting and so few opportunities to stop them.

A system like this is just increasing the farmability of null but doesn’t address the other side of the coin; the hunting.

And whether you like it or not, PvP is at least as important to the ecosystem as PvE. Perhaps even more so now that CCP are giving out ships these days.

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You did not read, nor do you understand, what I have proposed. I am interested in feedback and critiques, you’re just not offering it and instead strawmanning about the stereotypical grr nullsec isk generation a typical player screaches that understanding nothing about nullsec life.

Your point, for example, about how “groups can field capitals and supers with ease” - yeah, ok, but what happens when a group drops them? This is risk vs. reward my dude, you should learn about this basic economic concept.

And who is going to drop a group like yours or TEST ? There’s nothing that can break that armada , that if you can understand the logistical stand point of organising such capital drop , that for one is a logistical nightmare and secondly it will not go unnoticed once you set it into motion .
Do not mention risk vs. reward because there isn’t any risk attached to what you propose , so long as you are in your homeland under your super umbrella.
The real nullsec life died long time ago after The Fountain war , it died when all the null blocks recruited every possible krab under the form of the Sobaseki mission runner and Perimeter miner .
After the Rubicon update and up until 2018-2019 , nullsec was blessed with every possible resource .
Escalations, reworked mineral table so that you could build absolutely every capital ship localy , Sotiyos that cut the manufacturing time of said capitals by half, Rorquals that mined solo like an entire Hulk fleet and so on . And with the generation of F1 krabs that followed, it was just farming under every possible form and the game turned into supercapitals online and plex price went up to 2.5 bil at a time.
No one wants this anymore , not even some leadership within your alliance, and CCP definetly not , that’s why we have scarcity , so take your medicine and re-post this on the goonfleet forum where it belongs.
It’s funny how you talk about economy , when it’s groups like yours that killed the Eve economy in the first place and brought us scarcity. Oh, you don’t like it now ? Take it ! It’s all that there is , adapt or die !

And with this i have said what i wanted to say , not that it matters, because this idea of yours won’t be considered anyway by CCP . Rattati sent out his message in a very clear form.

And all it comes down to is to make the NPC do player work.

Oh, but we already had this under the form of the drifter null invasion at about the time when we had the blackout . Just that the null cry babies raged on every platform until CCP had to back off , which is a pity because it was content , but they just want to farm.

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not sure if you ever paid the slightest bit of attention but we lost an average of like 10 supers and 10+ rorquals a week before the major rorqual and anom nerfs.

If you are going to comment on my post please, at the least, have some knowledge on what you’re talking about.

To reach this level of NPC activity would require a significant amount of player work. Please go back and read.

yet again another comment from you demonstrating how uninformed you are on matters

when blackout hit the hunters actually started dying at much quicker rates because they couldn’t see us counter hunters in local - it was great, got to a point where people significantly cut back on hunting us… quite the ironic result in fact

Yes , it is quite ironic, it’s been almost 2 decades and the goons still can’t d-scan . So instead of putting a bit of effort into that , it’s better just to stay docked or not login.

It’s you that’s without knowledge here.

lmao all you do is shoot suspect destroyers in highsec, I knew you were clueless

Thanks for being another armchair commenter on something they’re completely disassociated with - why is it that your type fill so compelled to enter in discussions / conversation topics when you are so hilariously disconnected?

All you need to do to fix sov is remove it. Everything stays the save except there is no underlying mechanic denoting ownership.