A fresh start from the beginning

So much people are playing EVE Echoes. In my opinion they all want to be a part of EVE from beginning. How much people played EVE online before? I am one of them. A fresh start is what I wish for EVE Online. Just like Echoes now, but I want the big game.
But whatever, I want to play a way more the half game, but get the same start as everybody else, than playing the full game, but never get the chance to write history. The real stories in EVE are already written. That´s my opinion.
What would it be like to get an EVE online 2.0.

If you start to play EVE online today, one of the first things you learn is: you will never be part of the history and you will never reach the big players with hundred millions of skillpoints. The possibility to buy skillpoints, won´t change the mind.

Imagine a NEW new Eden, nothing is set. Give the possibility to everyone to get a big player.
(And something else: Give it a little bit more rollplaying, what happened to walking in stations, that was one of the most promising works you have ever done - but stopped it :frowning: A lot of players play the most of there time in stations, sitting around, playing with fittings, talking to others, try to get money via the market. To be in my on quarter and walk around, watch my ship from my balcony… I loved it… that was some peace I missed in EVE)

Everybody should interact together, but give some people the chance to play on there own.
Some people love it to sit in the asteroid belts and keep on mining with 5 Accounts in Highsec. Just to see the income flow. But today all the (almost) maxed out players are so bored, they gank everywhere and everything they can.

I love PVP, I love lowsec, I love nullsec, everything has it own style, everything works.
But not the highsec and the way new players get in the game.
Make a new server and it will get much more newbie friendly to keep more and more paying players.
Watch the numbers that are happening over the years and now with EVE Echoes.

I am sure you won´t loose players, you will gain 10 times more.
And yes, if I would know the new server will be resetted again in 15 years, its really long enough to get in now.
It´s time to end, it`s time to start. Like Phoenix it will be more beautifull than before.

Don`t be the old game from the past, be the big game everybody plays and talks about.


Utter bollocks.


That’s a short reply, but I tend to agree.

It probably sums up EVE Echoes too.


CCP have already stated that a server reset will never happen. if that were to happen, you’ll have players who have made the history, and have longevity in this game, to disappear. 17 yrs and counting, you can still do something dramatic to make history in this game. I came in at 2011, and while I’ve never really done anything to change history, my name is on the statue in Iceland.

Echoes was just their way to appease into the mobile game, just like Blizzard did with their Diablo immortal game.


Sure lets destroy the REAL GAME and make it like some ■■■■ phone game.


A lot of people complain that Nicolai’s responses aren’t very substantial but the truth of the matter is that they’re almost always exactly as substantial as was deserved.


This has been proposed again and again and again, it’s getting old.

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OP, the people who wrote “history” seized their chance, it wasn’t set out on a platter.

What you are describing, imo, is as possible today as it was at the beginning of the game. People won’t/don’t put in the effort, and lack imagination.

It wasn’t skill points that provided the charisma and stamina for players to accomplish amazing things. It was patience, perseverance, planning, and sheer force of will.

People did great things in this game because they decided to try and carried through.

Those are people skills.

Skill points had/have nothing to do with what you are describing.


I knew that these were the answers to my post, but it is still my opinion. I and a lot of other people would start and/or come back to EVE with a fresh start.
It´s okay not to agree, but I still think it would be the best decision. Dont have to be a reset, but a new Server. And yes I know what supercomputer you need to set up such a Server, so these cost are to high to start a second one. And the active players will always be against a reset. So this will never happen, but it is what I would wish for this game and I wanted to say that once.

It would generate lot more money for CCP and a lot of people could have fun again with this game.
Call this idea whatever you want. But of course only the people reply that are still active in game. The ones who stopped playing and would start again with a new server, won`t read this forum until there is a big news in all media (like Echoes).
Until anything will happen I stay with Echoes and have my fun there.
Best regards, fly safe o7

Sure man, let’s just reset everyone else’s work every time some self-serving jackwagon joins the game and is a little sad that he missed the first 15 years.

Or are you the only self-serving jackwagon who gets their wish granted?


Clean galaxy with a redistribution of null/low/hisec…

I’d sacrifice my toons to start clean at 500k sp in an Impairor, Ibis, Reaper or Velator.

We can only dream…


While CCP could reset the server, they can’t reset the social networks that those who wield power and influence have built.

I’d give it 2 months before the status quo is reinstated and those who currently have nothing and whine about it will be in the same boat as they are now.


EVE Echoes crap should be on another forum, not this one.


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Put the highsec regions / empires at the 4 corners of the cluster and have a major war for the middle.

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If they are influential enough and organized enough - it would be more of the same within a couple years. The big groups would establish themselves quickly

Exactly why it needs to be reset. Well done. You just hit the nail on the head. Congratulations. Super job.

A few select cliques determine 99% of the game’s state.


I’m not sure it would be a severe as it is now though. The problem is that there have been many big changes to the game that people have capitalised on over the years that players now couldn’t do, so there are groups sitting on huge amounts of ISK an assets with no way for newer groups to catch up.

The biggest example of this would probably be the gambling changes. Many of the people involved were made hugely rich while it was allowed. But pretty much every major expansion came with an opportunity for people to make huge amounts of ISK because CCP were still finding their direction.

I don’t think a full reset would be financially viable, but I would I would be interested in seeing a complete fresh start. It would probably be better if it was done as a second server though, where accounts can be used on both and omega status carries over but everything else is completely separate.


That will not change with a reset, though it might be a different set of cliques.

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