A fresh start from the beginning

A reset won’t change anything, those who currently wield power and wealth will still wield power and wealth after a short while, because their power-base is built on something CCP have no influence over.

Yes, they’d have to start from scratch along with everybody else, but their numbers and organisation would allow them recover what they previously had much faster than the rest of us.


That’s some quality fan fiction.

But the reality is that those who had power and wealth having to starting a new character from scratch will spend much time crying here, reddit, twitter and anywhere else whiny bittervets hang out By the time they finally get to the acceptance stage of their grief and come back (if they come back) with their tails between their legs, there will be whole new powerblocks in place.

No, Jonah. A reset will change everything.

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the ones who are currently in power are no doubt whales with disposable income, and will easily go back up to the power ranks, unless CCP gets rid of injectors/ejectors, and they aren’t going to do that.

I disagree, but that’s the nature of having an opinion.

Regardless, the chances of a reset actually happening are slim to none.

An alternative server where you can start from scratch if you wish to is much more likely, although that said it’s already an option in a way, groups have been known to play on Serenity in the past; but the process to do so involves some slightly shady stuff involving a Chinese nationals ID card.

EVE Echoes is new, like all new games they attract some interest to start with, lets see how much interest there is in 6 months.

Starting a fresh won’t change anything, 3 years down the road and it will be no different than it is now. Then what do you do, start again?

EVE online 2.0 it would have to be a different game to EVE (present one) it would split the player base between the two games. You wouldn’t be able to move items from EVE to EVE 2.0 as it would defeat the object of starting again.

Also EVE 2.0 wouldn’t be able to have PLEX or you will end up with a situation where what you were trying to do with starting 2.0 actually results in a worse scenario.

As for ganking if it remains viable it wouldn’t take long before it’s back to as it is now. Ganking isn’t just about being bored, ganking can be quite boring to start with.

Maybe that’s the first thing you learned? But it’s false. Being an FC isn’t about skillpoints, and that’s closer to history than most other F1 pushers will get.

You’re welcome to play on your own, but you are playing an MMO with open-world PvP. The only way I would support risk-free mining/PvE is if the ores were entirely worthless and/or you were completely segregated from the rest of New Eden. No risk means no reward.

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This is a level of “confidently wrong” that is almost impressive. Bravo.


I agree, I’m pretty sure some of the nullsec powerblocs would relish the opportunity of starting from scratch and on an even footing with everybody else.

Everything to gain, nothing to lose. No Caps, and sub BS meta until someone has the resources to build in volume.

Give it a few years and the “reset the server, it’s not fair that people have been playing for longer than me and I can’t catch up” threads will be becoming abundant, and the circle is complete

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Could you be so kind as to point to a single time the null blocks didn’t threaten Armageddon over the tiniest little nerf to their beloved playstyle. And you think they’ll be fine getting stripped of trillions of ISK, thousands of capital ships, and billions of skill points and just say, “Yeah. We’re down with that”.


Them and everybody else. People always bitch about change.

And you think they’ll be fine getting stripped of trillions of ISK, thousands of capital ships, and billions of skill points and just say, “Yeah. We’re down with that”.

It’s a drastic change, there’s no denying it; some will quit, some will remain.

There’s precedent for people being fine with it too.

Arguably the most powerful alliance on Serenity, Pan-intergalactic Business Community, felt they no longer faced a challenge, so they upped sticks and came here to start afresh; no isk, no caps, no SP.


I see you’ve been training mental gymnastics during these unprecedented times. While I’m tempted to see how far down the rabbit hole you are willing to go, it’s just too easy to nudge you down that path and I’d get no satisfaction from it.

If CCP came out and said straight up, “We’re nuking the server in 3 months, get ready.” I promise you that every single major alliance that currently exists today would still exist afterwards.

Sure, there’s gonna be some salt. But their out-of-game organization far exceeds your’s. They already have skill plans to maximize effective training, they already have guides for all their linemembers on how to boost up a character (and alts) from scratch, etc.

While you’re floundering around thinking how good you have it because everyone is reset, nullblocs will start rebuilding their infrastructure much faster and with more coordination and organization.


Which part of my post is mental gymnastics?


Too lazy to work your way in New Eden?

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Problem with restarting rather than a new game.

Part of the fun of playing a new game is everything is new, the sights, controls, tactics etc.

You could restart but it would just be the same old stuff, you can’t wipe your minds and start afresh. You can’t undo all the alliances and corp. connections that you have made and forget the friends you made so that you could start anew.

I think people need to forget the pipe dream of restarting and get back to reality.

And yes there are groups outside of games that start games together but that’s been the case for many years and that won’t change whatever the scenario.

People need to get the idea that it can be fair for everyone out of their heads, just as it’s unfair in RL, games (MMOs) are no different. There is no level playing field.

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Oh, there are many problems.

PLEX alone makes resetting TQ a non-starter.

At an absolute best you could have a reset TQ where everyone has their PLEX. I am sure some mouthbreather will point out that they could just delete plex “bECaUsE tHE tOS aNd EuLA lEtS tHeM,” but we needn’t pay much mind to people too stupid to grasp the difference between “what the legalese says” and “What a company could actually get away with and still have a customer base, as a practical matter.”

If they ever want to sell a PLEX (which could no longer be trusted to have any redeemable value at all) to a customer again, deleting everyone’s PLEX isn’t an option.

The reset fantasies are basically just an indulgence in self-serving bias. “It’s not MY fault I’m stuck in highsec mining veldspar in a venture, I’m a victim of circumstance!” along with, “All those powerblocs are actually incompetent trash, they just got here first/got lucky.”

They don’t believe they could be the ones floundering around. Surely it is the entrenched veterans with 15 years of know-how, established organizational/IT infrastructure and hundreds/thousands of pilots working together that won’t be able to re-establish themselves. :roll_eyes:


That’s exactly what I thought the plan was when I logged in after years of being gone and saw this new alpha/omega ftp bs.

Seems like several people completely missed the OP’s point of a fresh start server, i.e Archeage, Black Desert, Lord of The Rings Online, etc have all had fresh start servers at some point. This is not a reset of the existing server that some people are bashing the OP about, but a new fresh server for people new and/or returning to the game. As a returning player myself along with hearing many people in the MMO community at large say over and over again they would 100% flock to Eve if there was ever to be a fresh start server.

Why? What would they do on the “fresh” server that they cannot do on the current server?

Guess it would allow players a chance to grab some Null Sec systems, I see it happening sorta like the Oklahoma Land Rush of 1889 in USA. Everybody all lined up waiting for the servers to go online, then boom, they log in and rush off to go grab some Null Sec land.