Please release Eve Online Classic / Remastered? I will pay $$$

of release a 2003 / 2004 , or a 2008 / 2009 version of the game. Really had an amazing time back then! Not kidding. Great people and great times and great gameplay. I feel that a lot of these modern changes have made the game worse of not kidding.

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since i advocate the players are the content i say no
yas , i do want EVE before the BAD triglavian invasion
but i prefer if they change all the cry baby players for nice positive people


While there’s certainly a lot of changes that could be rolled back, you ultimately can’t recreate the community of that “era” of the internet. It would not be even remotely similar to the game that we had back then.


So does it magically resub and pull all the players from 2009-2010 back into the game too so the experience is the same? or will it be 28 of us wardeccing each other and canflipping in highsec based on the aggro rules back then…


The carebear perception is that “the game was more safe back then.” You can see that sentiment expressed in all of the whine threads. So that’s why I think that a classic server would actually be very popular on all fronts.

A 2009 EVE server would be awesome. The only reservation I have is that it would split the player base too much.


yeah again if the entire MBALM corp came back to play but with the grindbears we got now…

I wouldn’t join this server for any other reason than the slowest most frustrating part of the game for me is the accumulation of skill points. I would not want to start again from scratch and In fact I would happily pay twice the subscription fee on my main account to add another x2 multiplier on my sp acquisition.


Is what made Eve special in those periods , not the mechanics , the meta or the politics we had back then. You don’t need a reroll or Eve 2.0 , you need people with the right attitude and mindset. While I do miss those times, you have to accept that generations change, people get married, have kids, etc.
It is going to be difficult to keep even the current Eve, with the cost of living increasing monthly everywhere . Subscription and PLEX price increase was no surprise.


Classic Servers are useless in Eve, i would prefer to remove plex and do a complete Wipe for everyone.


I would quit if I had to start from scratch. I have spent 10 years accumulating skill points, building up assets, etc. I don’t care that others have insurmountable wealth I could never approach. I worked for what I have and paid money for it to have someone flip a switch and remove what I’ve gained with years of subscription fees would be a game killer for me.

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That worked for a time with another game that launched classic servers. I won’t mention said game in case it’s against forum ToU.

This is classic argument of players who don’t understand what the games are about.

Whenever I threatened or suggested a wipe on my server I am hosting, players like you always show up saying “you can’t do that or I quit”.

Players like you don’t realize that the path to the goal is what is the most fun on the games. Once you get to the end then what, you won and you can start over anyway or quit and play something else. So I don’t understand this obsession with effort you put into it. Like these veterans didn’t put even more effort than you. They are actually losing much more than you would ever lost with wipe, yet it is always the new player who didn’t win yet who is opposed to that.

(EDIT: you can argue about EVE not having an end. Lot of multiplayer games are designed like this, but that doesn’t matter. In games like this each player sets his goals somewhere and once he achieves them, he got to the end and won. EVE is special because it offers lot of player interaction and competition. But someone can easily set his goal to fly Titan and krab with it incursions. Or anything else. Sometimes players aren’t setting any goals for them, but they eventually get to the point, where they feel there is nothing more to be done. That is when they reached the end and won the game.)

It is egoistic and stupid mentality. You are either playing games from wrong reasons, or you don’t understand yourself why are you enjoying playing games.

If I could wipe my memory and start over reading my favorite book series, I would do that without hesitation even before I got to the end and found out how it ends.

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I’m not saying that, I’m saying if that happened I would quit. They are different things.

Part of why I play EVE is my investment in it. My investment in time and money might not be as much as people who have been paying for 20 years but if you wipe out ten years of my progress then I will feel the pain of that wasted effort.

The older I get the harder it is to replicate that effort too. I can’t grind for hours in a game anymore. I have a family and a job. So starting from square one gives me enough pause to think if I was going to re-invest a decade would I rather do that learning an instrument or having more date nights with my fiancé.

You are saying that my mindset is egotistical (I assume you mean egotistical) and stupid. Yet you are sitting there telling a complete stranger on the internet that you know him better than he does and understands his relationship with computer games better or your way of playing games is somehow right while mine is wrong… and I am the egotistical one. I think maybe just stop and have a think about that for a minute before responding.

I like you Vokan, you are normally one of the more sensible voices on the forum but that response was incredibly short sighted. Hell I’m autistic and better able to put myself in other peoples shoes and understand that my opinion isn’t necessarily better or more worthy than others…

It’s great that a wipe would be good for you. The game will have other players like you and it will have players that have literally invested thousands of pounds and even more hours that will think like me. A big decision like that isn’t going to be right for everyone or make everyone happy.


I was taking generally. I don’t think EVE needs wipe or it is even good idea. And whenever wipe happens, in any game, some changes needs to follow to legitimate it. Which is why I didn’t perform wipe on my own server - I don’t have to neccessary changes ready and without them it is pointless.

Talking generally but you quit specifically called me an egotistical idiot.

And that is exactly what I am criticizing.

Let me ask you:
Were you having fun to this very moment playing this game?
Are you unable to have fun without having access to all this assets that you accumulated till now?

The way I see it, if you cannot have fun in this game without the assets you have then you are doing something wrong.

And most important question:
Would losing your progress be it by server wipe or CCP shutting down servers for good, suddenly mean that you wasted time playing this game and it was all pointless?

Now if you answer yes then I pity you because with such mindset, what is even point of playing MMO games at all? They can shutdown anytime or can be wiped or there can be “soft” wipe, where they nerf/rebalance game in a way so that all your assets are worthless. This all can happen even in the biggest games on MMO market such as EVE. It is of course not likely, but the possibility exists.

What I see on my own server is that pretty much all players these days have this mindset. They grind hard, spend hundreds of hours playing to achieve something they set for themselves (and usually doing that with maximum efficiency) and when they finally achive it, or get close to that, then they completely lose motivation to play any further and quit. Yet if you stop them on the way there and reset their progress to zero they also quit :smiley: . Idk makes no sense to me, but not sure how to properly explain my mind… I leave it with that…

Again with this very binary way of looking at the situation. As if I’m not capable of enjoying flying whatever I have while also being pissed off that I’ve invested money and time in stuff that is just dissolved into nothing. People are complicated, they can fee multiple things.

It would mean some of the time I wasted not playing was just straight up wasted. When I joined the game my friends where all well ahead of me, doing certain activities, flying certain ships. Several times I’ve set long skill queues and paid to keep my accounts open so that when I came back I could join in. Those times would be 100% wasted because some of these things even ten years in we haven’t got to do together. Again it’s not binary. The time actually spent doing stuff in game was well used, the time and money invested in catching up was wasted.

You are explaining yourself well enough, I get what you are saying but your assumption is that everyone sits in one of two camps, they either are just happy to play even if it’s in a velator, or they are of the grindy don’t want to risk or lose their assets mindset.

This is just like the people that assume harmful stereotypes like all gankers are sociopaths, all people who live in null do nothing but earn isk and avoid risk, all miners and haulers hate pvp and everyone that comments on Reddit or the forums had long since given up on the actual game. These sort of stereotypes might be founded on something but they by now means speak of the majority and that lack of respect and curiosity for an individual’s story is not a good foundation for a highly social game like an mmo.

I love starting again from time to time. I shut my toon off from my assets, get in a rookie ship and start from scratch. I hunt rats in belts for modules and isk to kit my rookie ship out better, then I use it to do some low level sites or missions or FW and work my way up into bigger hulls till I’m flying a cruiser that can comfortably replace itself.

Just because I find that fun doesn’t mean if I suddenly lost the password to one of my accounts or it got hacked by someone I wouldn’t be incredibly upset.


Nah, its more a sign that the act of playing isnt very fun, which is a design issue.


I start alts all the time because I enjoy low-tier stuff far more than I have any higher end stuff.

Whats the point in all the sub T2/faction gear if no one uses it?

Oh yes please.

I don’t think it would turn out the way OP thinks it will, but lets not spoil the surprise :slight_smile:

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