What about an EvE Classic server?

The game has gone worse and worse as the eyars go would it be economically feassible for CCP to have an EvE Classic server where nothing bigger than a Battleship gets implemented? and Before all that pve crap they have introduced lately.


And before skill injectors, alpha accounts, micro PLEX, citadel plague etc… Something for real men, where every day counts and your wallet can not push you before your brains limit.


Yep, I am sure it would bring back many people.


Only the naive ones. The ones that CCP burned with their crap are unlikely to trust them again. Ever.
It would also not fix anything, just fragment the remaining playerbase.


The kind of stupidity that feeds crap like “make X great again” which historically without exception only results in undermining - or worse - the actual thing it tries to change back to what never was.


If they will roll back also code back to , let say 2013, it will fix tons of issues. For example you will not have to wait 2-3 minutes till game will let you start managing your research / production works. Now you open industry window and wait hundrets of seconds till it will let you brawse your BPC or finish jobs. Those freesing, not reacting modules in space are also matter of past few months. All those ultra high tec changes in GUI to make Eve look like Star Citisen leaded to the situation, when you are playing in ugly potato mode or you risk lags, that will cost you ship. Its OK in non-critical PvE but hurts a lot in PvP. Thats why I do not PvP lately, waiting for irresponding modules to be fixed. It would be also interesting to find out, what patch it was , that implemented 40 seconds black screen on your first undock. Not speaking about chat issues…

Do you want T2 BPOs?

The player base would end up split up some that wouldnt want to go and some who would.


We are playing Classic EVE, its the only single server MMO of this magnitude to exists…

And really what is Classic EvE? It is the players that make EvE what it is…if you dont believe that then you are playing the wrong game.


That’s silly. Just to mention a few issues:

  • hardware. EVE has never been a cheapo-server game. How you pay a fullsized Tranquilty-2 to run the “classic” on it?
  • software. Each version past, even if CCP has it stored, worked in exactly one possible coniguration of the server. It’s not just “here, take this old build and put it somewhere” -different hardware, different bugs, different build. You’ll be essentially recoding most of the old build to make it work in the new server… for what?
  • “Classic” according to whom? The game I see now is different than the one I quit in 2015, and that was different from 2013, and that was different from 2011, and that was different from 2008 when I started… how do you decide what is the “classic” experience?
  • social game. EVE is a social game. You can drive back hardware and software, but people will be the same and the issues caused by people will be the same, or even worse.

And last but not least: most people who quit EVE a was because the places it didn’t go, not because it went to the places it went. I don’t want to play the game it was in 2011… I want to play the game it never was after incarna, or the game it never was after Rubicon, or the game it will -realistically- never become.

Don’t bring back the milestones of the path it’s been, rather bring me a first step forward in the path not taken…

…if you dare to!


For CCP, no, not feasible. You could, however, host your own classic server. There have been projects to do so in the past and the code is likely still out there. I couldn’t speak for the experience myself, though.

Maybe one day when EVE finally shuts down, CCP will release the game code under limited non-profit license for those who want to make an EVE server. People did the same thing with Star Wars Galaxies when it shut down.

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extremely stupid idea. That whole back to roots principle is just another way of saying game is FUBARed

God, yes.

I’d luv a clean server. Drop me in at 500k sp in any random station. Let me do the noob missions and then have fun.

Eve would benefit GREATLY by a fresh server.


So, you want do mine for 2 years? Because thats how eve started. Everyone was â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  mining, in anything they could fly, for the first 2-3 years.
Especially battleship mining, very popular. Not to mention a single battleships was the equivelant of buing a titan today, it wasnt something everyone had at all.

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You don’t actually want a classic server, the UI was a mess, systems couldn’t handle anything, crashes and node deaths were common, the mining frigs and cruisers were terrible, there was no T2 and belt ratting was meh without decent skills and mods, having to have loads of instajump BM’s because warp to zero wasn’t a thing, back when yulai was the centre of trade instead of jita

There are a LOT of reasons why you don’t actually want what you’re asking for


Do you remember how you probed back then ? I’d rather not. :frowning:

And there hasn’t been tiericide yet. Balance is truly wonderful nowadays when you compare to 2012. The glorious days of the drake and hurricane.

Eve without TiDi would suck if the servers can’t keep up.

Don’t need another server. I’ve been advocating for a region of space where the only access is via a wormhole that allows pods only.

On the other side is a K space region with high, low & null sec.

No ISK but a new currency with region market system.

Nothing on the market except blueprint’s. Players will have to seed the market completely themselves starting in the rookie ship they are given.

This region would actually have a no bot rule that was enforced. CAPTHA where warranted. RMT would be completely legal here to encourage CCP to actually ban bots.

Delayed chat local would be implemented to further kill botting.

No dev interference with no reimbursements, hardcore area. Local disconnects and server faults are just part in part of being here.

No API scrapping to further hammer automation and encourage play cooperation and work load sharing.

I call this area the Brewsphere and you are welcome to advocate it.


:+1: perfect idea, now send it to ccp