Eve online: Classic Server option pls CCP Discuss

As the Title says how would you guys feel about a new server option to start over on where the server is rolled back to Classic Eve online situation with no Capitals No wormholes No Citadels No Pay to Win ships No T3 ships. No Sov etc etc. Personally I would like to see the modern GFX and Interface remain but with the old Systems and Ships.

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No, thank you very much.


Id rather stab Billy’s eyes out with spoons

No. And… and btw, you don’t want to that to do that, either. You think you do, but you don’t.



First define the the definition of “Classic” for me here. (speaking to the OP)

  • When a game launches “classic”-type of server - it is a clear indication of last cash grab attempt because of poor health of base game.
  • Splitting the community is never good.
  • Players that go to “classic servers” will quickly get the scratch to their nostalgia itch and leave the server barren.
  • In case of Eve such a server would have made zero sense because players made the history and events and those players wont be there.

You should go listen to the Talking in Stations episode from last week. Hilmar talks about this in detail.


This idea has been done to death, we don’t need another thread on it.