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Im no expert on how to make games fun or such so please don´t get angry okey it´s just a thought I have. Yes I know my English is bad and my grammar so no need to point it out.

Amway I been thinking that EVE need something to get going maybe some new ore some new stuff in both in high sec and null something people in null want to fight over and something in high sec to get people to get out and mine or do missions again.

So here are my 2 ideas first of maybe we should have a fresh start for every one no I don´t mean all your years of hard work should be deleted. But when I want to replay a game I enjoy like Fallout 4 or Skyrim or Conan exiles I start over from scratch to get a fresh start and if we could do that with eve it mean we can maybe get people to try to make isk again try to get a corp going maybe start new fights over system no one owns.

NO NO NO I don´t sat this so every one can be equal im saying this to make it all start again with new wars and such maybe a clean start could help get it going if you guys understand what I mean like start new fights over who owns delv instead okey this super alliance own delv and only another super allaince can even stand a chance to fight them so every other player is like who gives a damn.

But with a clean slate new corps or alliances may start wars to be the new owners and not every one is Super rich so you need to get out and make isk because you don´t have billions in your wallet. I hope you guys understand what I mean.

Second thought is maybe add a 5th faction with a whole deal of ships like I know we got what 3-4 trafalgar ships but I mean a brand new faction with 4 friggets, 4 cruiser and so on just like the old factions. Then also this new faction new a new special ore and stuff to build new ships and weapon and this new speical ore can be found in hic sec and then another type of ore for T2 ships can be found in WH space or null sec so people want to figher over the new ore so they can build these new ships. And missions runners maybe want to get standing to get new ships or stuff for this faction.

Then you say well we have 4 factions ones better on drones one better on missiles and so on what should this new factions specialty be you ask. I don´t know I mean ideas lets think of something like maybe some new type of space mines or something like I don´t have everything planned like it was just some ideas.

But as I said a fresh start often make me keep playing games I played allot that´s how I feel.

Maybe you need to flesh out your idea before posting it. I cant see any benefit to any of the ideas your just posted.

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I can see your point, and sometimes feel similar. Unfortunately, most players don’t want to give up everything they’ve worked hard to achieve.

The good news is, you don’t need the entire server to be reset in order to get that benefit. You should start up a new character yourself, don’t give it any isk, but work your way up from scratch. Also, consider skilling into something a little different, there’s many activities to do in game.

Well I never said a classic server I said a reset classic often means go back to how the game was back in 1800 but no I mean wiped server.

true I understand that and I done it a few time start a fresh charter. But what I mean is have a optinal server where everything is started from scratch not a classic server but a wiped server where no one has nothing but starting stuff meaning every one have to work and war them self to power and status again. But it was an idea.

I lean more on maybe adding new faction that adds new ore and loot and standing to work forward to new ore that spawns in null that people need to fight over to controll to be able to make the new faction t2 gear.

but then I need to ask what benefit do you want ? power isk and such or a reason to push a game has come to a halt. The game has stagnated becuse every one that played for years has like everything they want and billions of isk only reason people even log in today I think is becuse it´s a habbit at this point log in try to get a kill or few then go and sleep and then go to work and repeat over and over and over again. That´s how I see it I mean I can be wrong and as I said it was some tughts and im no expert on how to make game.

Maybe OP could also learn the difference between ‘taught’ and ‘thought’

No, go away.

So, a lot of games split their player base into multiple servers. Eve online is special precisely because it is all one server. Multiple playstyles all in one shared universe.

Your suggestion of a separate server would remove that core concept that makes Eve special- and for that reason, I disagree with you.

Posting in an EVE 2 thread.

Yes I know my English is bad and my grammar so no need to point it out. Im bad at it not stupid.

I know a few more mmos that has one server so no it does not make eve special. what makes eve special is the freedom and sanbox of eve. Just one server is ■■■■■■■■ and more than eve does that.

well then you will lose it all anyway when they have to close down because no one is playing. But it was just a reflection I had.

Okay. So you want a space sandbox MMO with different ore and everyone starts from scratch? Check out Second Galaxy. It seems to have everything you’re looking for.

Well I been thinking about it because EVE is stagnating and becoming stale. I use to love eve, so I just had some thoughts about it and I never said they where any good.

But don´t complain when they finally pull the plug when only your grumpy people that hate change is all that´s left.

Also I love that mentality allot of eve player have, like go play another game which people will say maybe I will. I mean if you want more noobs to shoot at, should you not try to make people stay instead of telling them to go away or play other game. If your so anti people maybe mmo´s not for you have you tught about that maybe a co-op game would do you better.

Im just saying change can be good if we did not change you would have no eve online to play, Becuse we would proboly be left in the stone age.

Bollocks. Your ideas are just shyte and will not improve the game in any way.

Well I never said they where good but it better than nothing.

Now you’re just being idiotic.

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