A PETITION FOR A BIG RESET - Request to CCP: you absolutely must open a server dedicated to EvE Online in its classic 2003 version, and recreate a new community of fans from scratch!


Hello everyone,

I have just closed my CD-ROM box of EvE Online dating from 2003, after carefully storing its reference booklet. It must be said that the set is very collector’s item, even very popular today. At the time, I had ordered the space opera from my little local retailer specializing in role-playing games; we were a small group of friends, and we wanted to discover something new, something much bigger!

At that time, my machine was equipped with a simple Pentium III clocked at 450 MHz, which was more than enough compared to my 9th Gen i7 today; I was running Windows XP with 256 MB of RAM, whereas today I’m using Windows 10 Pro with 16 GB of SDRAM, and I’m not even talking about the evolution of graphics cards in 20 years… Hey! well despite this, the game was already at the time of very high quality, due to its graphics and its very successful game play; so we didn’t need much more, apart from some inevitable bug fixes of course; at that time, CCP was easily excused…

It is under this foundation of the EvE Online game that we had all become pioneers of space opera, without PLEX, without SKINs and without injectors, etc… From 2003 to 2008, it was then the golden age for CCP ! And then hell, the rest, everyone knows it by heart, first with the crossing of a glass ceiling, before the beginning of this slow agony orchestrated by the same CCP, and this despite all the relevant remarks of his players…

Another online game has experienced almost the same adventures, and this at the same pace: World of Warcraft released in 2004, and whose cult collector’s pack is none other than its third opus entitled, Wrath of the Lich King! Then from 2009, wreckage too; to deal with the crisis, Blizzard favors the accumulation of tasteless commercial offers, gradually emptying its original MMO game of its meaning…

But unlike CCP, Blizzard decides during 2019 to take into account the increasingly pressing comments of its players, in particular by offering them the possibility of starting from scratch under World of Warcraft Classic! And to the great surprise of Blizzard Staff, this initiative is still very successful today, with some players even playing with both versions of the game!

The reason is very simple to understand: players are not fooled, let alone cash cows, they no longer want pay to win!

Hey! well to be reborn from its ashes, CCP must now proceed in the same way, by offering its players the possibility of starting from scratch under EvE Online Classic; by doing so, CCP could well be surprised by the enthusiasm that such a possibility of choice would arouse…

We no longer want your pay to win! We want to become the masters of the New Eden market again, where CCP would never have taken hold again! And we want it by the true, unforgiving rules of the original game! And we would gladly agree to start from scratch for that!

On the jacket of this box dating from 2003, it was however written in bold capital letters, this promise which today is unfortunately! no longer respected at all, since the inflation of +33% decided by CCP is already having a heavy impact on the New Eden market; also, how can an Icelandic company, in 2022, have such an impact on a so-called persistent world, whose history normally takes place more than 7,700 years after Jesus Christ? It is impossible, and above all incoherent! It does not mean anything !

Here is a reminder of this promise dating from 2003:


Also CCP, it is high time for you to finally know how to recognize your past mistakes, and honor your promise of 2003! Give us the choice by reviving EvE Online Classic just as Blizzard announces the upcoming release of Wrath of the Lich King Classic, which personally leaves me wondering; I guess I’m not the only one!

Try To Fly Safe Again. Or not.

Ully Loom


I also have the original 2003 box but I’d prefer CCP focus on fixing the problems that the current game suffers than spend time and resources to create a copy of how the game was in its early days just for nostalgia’s sake, sorry.

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Yea CCP already split their dev time with lots of new ccp games this will take even more dev time away from Eve.

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You expect a company to just have one product, one that is nearly 20 years old and in decline?

Not at all, but adding a 2nd server ontop is unnecessary when this server is already taking strain (from lack of content).

I think anybody asking for a “classic” 2003 edition is just barking up the wrong tree or baiting.



Move beyond a grid based game for content is what you mean for immersiveness and enable more player focused customisation.

Themepark MMOs like World of Warcraft have over the years continually added new content and higher level content to keep players busy. As a result, all the old content that used to be fun is now completely irrelevant. Players in such games crave new content each time they’re bored with the current ride, which is why the developers have to keep adding new content.

Then someone smart came along and thought, why not provide the old irrelevant content again by making it all relevant again with a great reset?

It’s a fantastic concept and I’ve had a lot of fun playing through WoW Classic, again.

What baffles me is that people think this concept somehow would somehow work for a non-themepark MMO like EVE as well, a game that heavily rely on a sufficiently big playerbase to be present on the single server to provide content. A game where players are the content.

Are you somehow completely unaware of what made WoW Classic a success? The fact that it was old content made relevant again?

If CCP were to split the EVE playerbase into two servers, one current, one ‘old’, the playerbase on both servers would be too small to be fun and you wouldn’t find enough content on either.


I’d migrate all of my toons to a clean server. Even with todays mechanics, just a clean galaxy, new null/low/hi layout,

Wipe my toons from Tranquility and bring them all over at 500k SP.

I’d pay $20 per acct for that.

TQ is cancer to cancer.

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Unfortunately, the biggest problem of EVE Online is the fact that the foundations of this game created two decades ago did not fit into the mainstream gaming world - we are talking mainly about the model of distribution and access to EVE Online and the idea of uninterrupted continuity of the New Eden universe. Maybe it gave the game its unique style and success at the beginning of its existence, but time has shown that these solutions turned out to be too big a burden for EVE Online and now we can see how this great game is sagging under the weight of accumulated problems and loss of its identity.

If CCP creates the proposed server in the style of EVE Classic 2003, after the first 2-3 years the history of Tranquility will quickly repeat itself, because there is nothing to count on that a game with an inappropriate model for regulating the reality of New Eden, and with numerous technical problems will somehow magically avoid repeating the misguided development that has already happened once.

All this has happened before, and all this will happen again
Battlestar Galactica

so TLDR: Eve is dying and to paraphrase the singer, Yazz, “The only way is down!”

PS: It’s called “The Great Reset”, not the “The Big Reset”, and I don’t see Eve “Building Back Better”. In the end, “you will own nothing and be happy”.

Please let the final end game be Jita 4-4 exploding with loot everywhere (then TQ goes dark).

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I really like the uninterrupted continuity of the game though, and with me probably many others.

If that doesn’t fit the current mainstream gaming world, let’s just wait until the mainstream gaming world changes a few more times until uninterrupted continuous EVE gameplay gets into fashion again.

If the game was free when we are in Omega on the current iteration, and is accessible on our Win 10 machines, with the same launcher, and it’s a good parallel experience, why not… I like the idea.
Getting some nostalgia going, and retro gaming, etc, it would only benefit the Eve universe, on a side note.

Just restrict yourself to 2003 content.


I also like this solution.

However, I recognize the problems it has generated. A gap between old and new players that cannot be bridged. The existence of giant power blocks and monopolies that have led to stagnation in the supposedly dynamic universe of New Eden. “Overcrowding” of citadels, POS, Orcas and Rorquals - something that only now, after 20 years, CCP is trying to fix. Keepstar TTT existence in the Perimeter system. The inability to get rid of hundreds of abandoned control towers, “because of POS code”. Totally outdated and niche COSMOS missions. The list is long, and these are just the main ones that come to mind.

And yet, all that was needed from the beginning of this game was for the developers to leave themselves the option of a limited reset of New Eden (which could even be deftly woven into the lore of this game), periodically or occasionally when there was a great and legitimate need. Not any full wipe, no. This would have given the necessary tools to correct the small and large errors that inevitably occur when running such a large project as EVE Online.

Unfortunately, such a mechanism was lacking, and the consequences are severe today. Moreover, I don’t think that, despite CCP’s sincere intentions, they will manage to untie this Gordian knot.

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We’re spread out too thin as it currently is. The Trigs split up Highsec now the distance between Jita and Amarr is so great, noone not even the Princess herself visits her home city. I know I had asked a local in Amarr.

Reason for stating such is that it would become like that were noone knows anybody.

So, stay docked up?

At Fanfest they said players stay docked up a lot, so I don’t know what those players are upset about, they have their content from 2003 in the station.

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Two servers means less players to gank on either one hence less destruction so nope, bad idea.


This request obviously provides for the maintenance of the current version.

Players would have the choice between:

1- the retro version of EvE Online in its most successful version of the most complex rules of the game, thus restoring the very use of control towers, or else

2- the current version with all that this entails in terms of simplification, even cheating worthy of only pay to win games, emptying all that remained of MMORPGs in EvE Online of its meaning…

If you are not in favor of choice 1-, then you go your way without making waves and you opt for choice 2-…

And then, you could very well temporarily make the choice of 1- and 2- in order to form your own opinion, before a final choice being at the antipodes of any time-consuming and useless procrastination…

It’s not more complicated than that…

As I write above in my topic, the Blizzard Staff hesitated for too long and for very bad reasons, before successfully embarking on this path which was well and truly suggested to them by the players themselves ; gamers naturally do much better where the marketing of these game publishing companies fails miserably…

The opponents of this idea therefore have no legitimacy under this petition, and CCP would probably find a big advantage in relaying it and testing it with all the former players who made the deliberate choice never to connect to this version again, this pay to win from EvE Online, this bitter fruit of betrayal, rather than stubbornly persisting like stubborn vikings…

I recently relived the network experience of Ground Control II - Operation Exodus, this totally innovative Sierra RTS at the time, and dating from 2004, and I must say here that I was very pleasantly surprised by the result of this gaming experience taking full advantage of the computing power of today’s machines! This game simply hasn’t aged a bit in 18 years! And it will be the same for the third classic epic installment of Blizzard’s MMORPG, the question of the themed game having absolutely nothing to do with the success of such dusting operations, perfectly responding to a need clearly expressed by an entire category of nostalgic and passionate players!

So do this GCII experience, because I bet that after that, you will talk a lot less and sign this petition with your eyes closed, and this in order to be able to live this experience in New Eden…

Otherwise, and in the absence of honesty and good will on the part of CCP, then yes, it will unfortunately indeed be the foreseeable end of EvE Online…

So. Try To Fly Safe Again. Or not.

Ully Loom