EvE 2.0 - the re-boot

That’s called developer fear of accepting responsibility of somebody else’s code.

No developer likes inheriting code.

No amount of reboots will remove Python from Eve unfortunately.

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So you’re just mad people have more than you?

It’s called state sanctioned piracy.

That’s some nice post. Before starting, I am not a game dev.

  • Let me fix it a little bit, legacy code is code that was made without any quality control, aka testing, so devs need go inside and hack their way because the behavior of the changes is pretty much unpredictable. That’s why CCP always delivers bugs, it’s impossible to test everything at each delivery. It’s very wrong to say devs fear responsibility, that’s a major portion of being a Senior Dev.

  • There are techniques to recover from legacy code, but they are very demanding.

  • Also Python, well Python, like many others like PHP are very attractive to non programmers and to get things done fast, but in the long run they tend to screw you. It’s not really Python’s fault, it’s the discipline required is just too demanding. That’s why in big projects a compiler is the best option, no matter the slowness to do simple stuff.

That said, addressing the 2.0 thing, it’s very naive to think 2.0 will succeed just because it’s new. A better approach is to build the 2.0 from the 1.0. And good teams have done this with success. It’s a monumental effort, don’t get me wrong. But the fact a dev can’t fix their ■■■■ in 1.0 is a bad sign the dev will do ■■■■ again in 2.0, just with new tools. An acceptable situation is when the fix is more expensive than the new, but the danger of doing the same mistakes are always around the corner.

I saw that ‘new’ approach a lot, and I’m not a big fan anymore, most of the time it failed.

CCP knows how to fix the game, they just don’t want or can’t put the resources to do it. Senior devs are not that stupid you know? There is this ‘new concept’ called CHAIN OF COMMAND, some of you may not be aware. CCP is focused on ‘new shiny’ stuff and EVE is barely being maintained, I know because even the simpler things are not fixed, meaning there’s no active dev.

Devs are expensive, and they are probably being used in other projects. Why? Because selling boxes / keys are a nice cash flow to the company (EA / Activision know this for a long time).

Sorry for the long message, just sharing some of my experience, your mileage may vary. Don’t take it like an absolute truth.

On the Fanfest they showed a lot of graphic updates so wouldn’t that be handled by updating the Turbo C++

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Yes it is, it’s an awful language, and it’s cousin called YAML, just as awful by following Python’s awfulness yet people still promote using this crap when there is better.

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