Just an idea test thread

I dont think anyone could after 15 years yea…

You asked me earlier what the point of this thread was ? Well you have it now.

No I didnt. I asked what the stated outcome of the idea you had was.

But you are right, I do have it.

“To make the children smile and sing songs to the Beloved Leader”

Um… You already can. As this is a sandbox, it’s up to YOU, the player, to instill this change, not CCP.

  • Gather some mates and get to ‘splodin’.
  • Get a few good kills in and advertise the successes.
  • Use the propog… er… advertisement to gather more pilots.
  • Tick off other pilots.
  • Use alts to infiltrate other organizations.
  • Sow chaos.
  • Destoy ALL the things.
  • Rebuild ALL the things.
  • Reset achieved.

–Gadget likes circles


This “EVE 2.0” concept has been posted time and time again. Recurrent wipes is a fresh spin though.

With as much time as it takes to get anything done (and done well) in EVE, I don’t think I’d have the will to continue after the first or second wipe.

Halted for some but still more opportune for others.

Chaos in short.

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There are some MMO type games that do it. Specifically I’m thinking certain ARK servers that do it. The idea there is that it focuses the players on doing things that are fun instead of just doing asset acquisition. If there’s no deadline on when you can use your assets you can keep telling yourself “someday, when I have enough assets, I’ll do PVP.” Instead the internal dialog reads “my assets are going to expire, I better make good use of them quick.” It also gives the feeling that you have a chance to succeed in a conflict just as well as anybody else, which is something that a game absolutely needs (which is one of the biggest failings of EVE, and I think the biggest reason EVE has a retention problem.)

So, it works in certain games. It wouldn’t work in EVE. Asset acquisition takes too long in EVE. The cycle too long. 2 years invested just to be arbitrarily flushed away wouldn’t be fun. Everybody loses.


There are EQ servers that have started using this idea as well. They’re designed for speed running the themepark competing against other groups. No real PVP though, just silly distraction shenanigans.

And some people enjoy it. It works for what it is and for those voluntary players.

I don’t think this would work with EvE. The whole point of EvE’s design was a single world where all the social dynamics (including economic) were player driven. Resetting the world wipes that out - pun intended.

Players won’t think ahead for the future, they’ll just need to think and plan until the reset.
It would change what EvE is at it’s core. If someone just wants fun, fun, fun PVP all the time, the they should go play a MOBA or an FPS.

EvE requires investment. That makes it unique in MMO’s nowadays. That’s a good thing.

–Invested Gadget

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Well, right now, inflicting a loss on someone, even alliancewise already kinda feels like as cheap as a MOBA or FPS deal, and is just not as savory as it used to be.

Because you just know he will just as easily replace that ship in no time at all and be back with a new one in as little as 5-10mins, along with an army of cyno and caps at disposal, almost every time, or alliancewise, barely a couple of months needed to rebuild and reclaim a new space back again. How long did it take Goons to relocate last time ? Barely a month or so, when imo, it should’ve simply been never, ie: total annihilation (or at least until a new cycle).

So that alone, is a game and immersion-breaking point, for me at least.

Instead, knowing he will have to depend on a lot more variables to get a new ship or reform his alliance, ie, from the sheer scarcity of assets around in the game, will make for a lot more intense social dynamic and interaction for each cycle, be it at the small to big pvp scale, because there’s simply a lot at stake all the sudden. Hell, make it a 4 year cycle even, so at least people have assets worth fighting over after the first year.

The game saw all of this at the beginning even at the smallest level, and it was the best of times in my opinion, but it’s long gone now, and now we’re left with one big world, but an increasingly stale and cheapened player-driven dynamic.

So I guess then, that with so much time now invested in the game, people would only look at what they’d have to lose rather than gain from this, and which I personally find as a shame, but oh well.

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People are attached to their progress, and will likely stop playing / not resub, if CCP just up and deletes all characters and then presents the exact same game as before. Basically, a wipe like that would just result in a reduction of the playerbase.

On the other hand, if they actually make EVE 2.0, updated graphics, brand new features, completely different gaming system, etc., then sure, I’d consider starting a character over in that game, based on its merits as a stand-alone game, and based on reviews.

Ever since Ive started back in 2006, I’ve biomassed my mains 4 times, just to renew and keep things fresh. It takes a learning towards a certain type of mentality in the end, but it’s not such an impossible thing to do, nor accept.

Had this been in place when I first heard about EVE and decided to look into subbing, I would have never downloaded the game and given it a try.

It was and is the concept of a “Continuous and Persistent World”* that appealed to me.

A wipe is a wipe, no matter if the character remained, skill points intact.

My beloved and now enshrined Dagan killing catalyst would be lost, and only a memory.

Another player’s ship with “that” killmark on it’s hull would be gone. That kill that took time and imagination, perhaps persistence or luck, or sheer dumb stubborness in refusing to admit to defeat in the face of crushing odds would be wiped from the system, under this proposal.

All alliance tournament trophy ships…gone.

No, I would not support this, and would walk if implemented.

I play EVE because it is persistent.

*http://web.ccpgamescdn.com/communityassets/pdf/EVE-Online-New-Pilot-FAQ.pdf, page 6


Yesterday I got 1b of isk and full stack of assets, tomorrow after reboot I got nothing. What I’m gonna do by your thoughts? Mine and ratting in a corvette? Or rush myself to by PLEX from CCP and sell ingame… Wait there are no iskies in game and markets are empty and no citadels so we back to NPC etc. etc. Wеird crap.

There is already an EvE 2.0. It will have a full reset but don’t fret you too can be the hero again. Just this time you’ll have to buy everything from a phone app. It will be the greatest F2P,P2P,P2W and more. Not long after the rmt bots will show up only in a more condensed pixelated frame.

I already see a game setup with ten displays loaded with 50 phones instead of a gaming rig. :roll_eyes:

Sh it I can’t stop laughing at the “real” absurdity.

They’re all laudable reasons, and your own. Cant argue them as far as that.

However, I think we view the game or its attractions differently.

To me the game is more about objects gained over time inside it, or any kind of personally motivated trophy hunt.

It’s about the overall intensity of player interactions within, and so far, at least for me, that intensity’s long disappeared, because there is simply not very much to lose anymore, as a player, or organisation.

Isk and ships are being so readily made available everywhere, and so easily obtained, I could just pop in and out and lose a couple or more and it wouldn’t really matter so much. Alliances can form up and gain territory, lose it and reform again in just a month or so, nothing really of value ever gets lost there either.

With periodic wipes, perhaps every 3 years or so, assets would be more scarce, and so things ingame would hold a lot more value, and intensity when interacting them with other players would peak. Alliances could now face the prospect of getting annihilated for one cycle and so the stakes would be much higher.

I mean, I dont necessarily think a full wipe would be the way to go, but implementing something at least to have more meaningful scarcity and chaos in the universe, would be a welcome change in my view.

Well I guess you could say a “weird” spot would be where things start to get interesting and you have to group up with people in a similar situation, and who knows what happens from there …

Not worth it. Eve’s claim to fame is its economy, a wipe would destroy the ONE thing that makes Eve so unique and good.

This is the reason they wouldn’t wipe, and it will never happen until the servers go down for good.

Players with 50m to 100m+ SP would still be light years ahead of new players. Nothing CCP does would make things “fair” or “even”. Sorry, snowflake…

It’s not a question of making things fair or even, I leave that for themeparks to deal with.

But more to keep interactions intensified through asset scarcity among players and organisations, and not cheapened but an overwhelming supply.

A full wipe maybe isn’t an option yea, but something else maybe ?

There are always going to be the haves and have-nots, both in-game and in real life. Even if there was a complete wipe, including all assets, ISK, and character SP, the veteran players would still be ahead of the new players. The veteran players would rebuild their empire in short order and we would be right back to where we are now. CCP getting rid of the ability to bot and RMT is what’s needed, along with injectors, PLEX, and alphas. Return EVE to a subscription-only game.

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Agreed, and you will always need people with knowledge to lead a rebuilding effort anyway.

But then, how do you propose an already FUBAR economy be fixed ?