What do you like about EVE?

This forum is an echochamber of complaints about ganking and nerfs. Lets get a little more positive.

Abyssal deadspace is fun and a fantastic excuse to buy another Gila.

Spaceships. all the spaceships. small-scale skirmish PVP. The type that requires skill.

I liked the freedom.

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I like that CCP has magnanimously allowed bored bittervets to make free characters to pollute the forum with:

Keeps the ol’ funny bone lubricated.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

The corp I am in, the space aspect, and that there’s always something to complain about when CCP does something. Although I might lose that last bit soon if CCP actually managed to get gud for once.

The people I’ve met and hope to meet in reality so I can buy 'em a beer.

Life in New Eden: that it’s so fully realised with economic niches and careers, places, things to see. A realised living universe of a complexity that is almost unrivalled.

Indeed, often people spend far too much time complaining about what they don’t like and not saying what they do like. I love the spaceships and massive scale of this game, I love how there’s so many things you can do, I’ve met so many cool people as well.

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Ice and Ore, now Gas

I passed by you in game today. That makes you a legit player with valid opinions in my book.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

I came to EVE out of curiosity

I’m not a tryhard about anything here

My EVE experience was fantastic, I really enjoyed, but I think I will stay for just a couple weeks more and then we won’t meet ever again (probably)

My omegas will be still running up to April

It’s just that I’m feeling lazy about even openning the EVE Launcher, I think this time my EVE break has a very big chance of being permanent break

I got my eyes in the game Ashes of Creation now, still in alpha

I like how busy it is, how there’s always a story playing out somewhere. The basic information gathering I have to do to move around safely always seems to lead me to a political conflict I’d never otherwise know about. It’s a lot like a social experiment and it’s fascinating to observe and take part in.

What do you like about EVE?

I like that it’s an MMORTSRPG =
Massively Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy Role Playing Game.

Mostly because it’s a Virtual Reality Set In A Futuristic Science Fiction Environment.


Were you the one who tried to catch me in lowsec at that Custom office or did you see the fiight I had in my Orca?


I like the fact I can just stop mining in huge fleets and then have the market crash into nothing

The promise of nonconsensual PvP and empire building is what brought me to EvE.

The huge variety of play styles available is what keeps me here day to day.

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