The Return to Eve after 4 years hiatus

Well why is this old idiot making a post about comming back? Well HELL, i just wanna say… “Im back and im loving it.”

Finding the game running rather well, not all that much seems to have changed. maybe the biggest chage is i sence a bigger gap between rich and poor, and a funny feeling of lonlyness on my alts as i traverse low sec.

All in all, Fricking happy to be back in tha’ game…

Just wanna put a “Yo’ Peeps” out there to former comrades in space… as well as enemies…

i see alot of complaning on these forums as i mesh my way threw them, how ever… i wounder…

to me, the game all-in-all seems largely improved…

intresting new ships and modules and toys to play with both for pvp and pve…

ye’ im deffinatly happy i started the game up once more to be sucked in to the
abyssal time sink of eve… a time sink of the sweeter kind.


Welcome back and have fun playing :rofl: . Don’t mind the whiners, they have been here at all times. In my opinion the EVE we have today is the best and most polished EVE we ever had and I greatly enjoy it as well if I have the time to play.

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Welcome back! :+1::parrot::popcorn::rocket:

Welcome back!

Pew pew!

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