Having fun in EVE PVE

Not sure why people complain about the pve in Eve. I’m a 7-year player taking a break and doing the Gallente Epic Arc (Syndication) :scream:, and having all kinds of fun. Lot of surprises, many ways to die due to all kinds of NPC red crosses. Kind of a strategy/tactics chess game. Of course, I’m doing it solo. But with full skills and T2 mods. But completing a room and still needs plenty of planning and attention, and still fun as hell. :slight_smile:


I have been playing on and off since exodus and thru the years buying and selling characters as I come and go.

While this is not a direct 1:1 analog; it is close enough

Carebears & PVP

nerds & jocks

PVE used to be so bad. Anyone remember lottery system for bpo’s? Remember when the AI made you want to just slam your private parts in a door it was so boring?

It got better with the sleeper AI and the addition of Wspace because you could actually make isk and participate in group/solo pvp or care bear activities at the same time.

The risk versus reward argument pretty much reigns supreme here and when people are actually stuck to empire related PVE they setup for incursions and mindlessly make 100’s of millions or more isk per hour. Why rat even at that point? Much less mission running. Level 5’s were suppose to be a nice addition. Not worth the time or LP or the fist fight with the others trolling the sites.

With plex being what it is why even pve at all is a response I have heard before.

So unless its exploration, sleepers, the new stuff or maybe some 0.0 ded sites its not really worth the time unless you just personally enjoy that aspect. Plenty of care bears in the game still.

cough look at all the renters cough lol.

tl;dr people have to complain about something and today besides fozzy sov and jump changes what else is there? Getting older? HA. Get off my lawn. J/K. Meanwhile time to start cosmos.

10 yr Vet here fully agrees with you 100%.



Posting in a bait thread :wink:

You do you. If you’re having fun with PvE, others’ complaints (including mine) don’t need to matter. Good for you. (Un-sarcastically, for once.)

and khergit…do it in a kestrel.


LOL I’m doing it in a Maelstrom T1 hull, but with T2 mods and pretty much maxed skills. The T1 hull is my kind of weak gesture toward handicapping myself. Not saying it won’t asplode before it’s all over…

And not a bait thread, really am enjoying doing this high sec PVE missions thing, for the first time in about six years. I wouldn’t want to do it every day again, but fun if you’re feeling kind of lazy.


Been around since 2007. 99% all pve (1% dying in pvp). It’s all about what entertains YOU.


Also, there’s the challenge of trying to figure out why you haven’t completed the mission yet, how to manage to talk to your agent in space, how to retrieve the thing and Fedex truck it to the right place, “why won’t the red crosses spawn? oops, maybe because Rookie Ship isn’t in the list of allowables,” etc. And also the old kind of grimdark popup messages in space are still there. Hasn’t changed a bit since 2008 (my main is from 2008). Still as whacked and funky as ever. Oh yeah! :slight_smile:

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Alright, did have some fun in Eve PVE for a while, playing chess with all kinds of mixes of AI BSes, scramming/damping/neuting NPC frgs, but then:
-Had to go to bed, or maybe decided to just log off and watch this DVD or feed the fish, before each and every becomes overdue.
-Next day, the Epic Arc agent is gone. ‘Warp to Agent Location’ or whatever does nothing.’ At the mission site, and no NPCs around. Clear Cache, reload, still gone.
-So hell with troubleshooting Epic Arc, going back home. Back home, let’s try an L4 in Frarn for casual time, tank some red crosses and see if i can shoot them. Same shite-- PVE mooks triggers for things not working right. In other words, what you’re supposed to do in the mission cannot be done. Except with some time, research, and attention. I’m old, I could do that if I cared to. But, bah and meh.

You guys got a SKIN for that? You want new players to start playing, pay some attention to those L1-L2-L3-L4 missions mechanics. They at least have to work, according to the ordinary player’s expectations. Not like 2004 expections. o7


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