When PvE is not PvE and games are not fun

If you’re planning on solo PvE in Eve, you might as well forget it or just go bash your head repeatedly against a wall. There is no solo PvE in Eve, despite what various people and sites might suggest, there is solo PvE content, but usually there’s some malfaisant individual or group who’ll rain on your parade, steal anything you’ve worked for and if you retalliate, you’ll end up a floating corpse. There’s no sanctuary and no relent.
If you dare post/complain/make a suggestion to moderate the more rabid players, to adjust the game to suit more play styles, you’ll be met with a barrage of derision from many of the community who don’t percieve the problem and of course those who are part of the problem: the exploiters, the thieves, the liars and other wonderful pond life who have a free license to make other people’s game time misererable/frustrating/maddening.
Over the years, I’ve seen many posts that’ve touched on these issues: nothing has changed, the game is still biased towards encouraging theft and now there are a few thousand entitled, bordeline psycho/socio- paths who give Eve it’s reputation for being toxic. Sure, there are some good people in game, but there are far more who’d metaphorically cut your throat as soon as look at you.
I’m not asking for a change, far too late for that, but in the almost 10 years I’ve been playing this game’s turned into a a drop in centre for Charles Manson wannabes. Good luck, knock yourselves out, literally.
To the decent people who play Eve, so long farewell and thanks for the fun, also to the CCP GMs who do stellar work, no pun intended, thanks for your awesome professionalism, courtesy and hard work.


Working as intended. Sorry that Eve didn’t turn out to be the game for you, but even though CCP hasn’t managed to realize it completely, this is largely the vision for the game they set out to create:

Eve is not a game for the faint hearted. It’s a game that will chew you up and spit you out in the blink of an eye if you even think about letting your guard down or becoming complacent.

While every other MMO starts off with an intro that tells you you’re going to be the savior of the realm, holds your hand, protects you, nurtures your development and ultimately guides you to your destiny as a hero along with several other million players who’ve had the exact same experience, EVE assaults you from the second you begin to play after you create a character, spitting you out into a universe that under the surface, is so complex that it’s enough to make your head explode.

The entire design is based around being harsh, vicious, relentless, hostile and cold. It’s about action and reaction, and the story that unfolds as you experience these two things.

True, we’re working hard to lower the bar of entry so that more players can enjoy EVE and can get into the game. Our NPE (New Player Experience) is challenging, and we’re trying to improve it to better prepare rookies for what lies out there, but when you start to play eve, you’ll always start out as the little fish in the big pond.

The only way to grow is to voraciously consume what’s around you, and its your choice whether that happens to be New Eden’s abundant natural resources, or the other people who’re also fighting their way to the top.

EVE is a playing experience like no other, where every action or reaction resonates through a single universe and is felt by players from all corners of the word. There are no shards here, no mirror universes, no instances and very few rules. If you stumble across something valuable, then chances are someone else already knows where you are, or is working their way toward you and you better be prepared to fight for what you’ve discovered.

EVE will test you from the outset, from the very second you undock and glimpse the stars, and will take pleasure from sorting those who can survive from those who’d rather curl up and perish.

EVE will let you fight until you collapse, then let you struggle to your feet, exhausted from the effort. Then when you can see the light at the end of the tunnel it’ll kick you flat on your ass in the mud again and ask you why you deserve to be standing. It’ll test you against every other individual playing at some point or another, and it’ll ask for answers.

Give it an answer and maybe it’ll let you up again, long enough to gather your thoughts. After a few more steps you’re on the ground again and it’s asking more questions.

EVE is designed to be harsh, it’s designed to be challenging, and it’s designed to be so deep and complex that it should fascinate and terrify you at the same time.

Corporation, Alliances and coalitions of tens of thousands have risen and fallen on these basic principles, and every one of those thousands of people has their own unique story to tell about how it affected them and what they experienced.

That’s the beauty of EVE. Action and reaction. Emergence.

Welcome to the most frightening virtual playground you’ll ever experience.

– CCP Falcon

There are plenty of other game out there, so I hope you quickly find one that matches your interests and expectations better.

Fly safe!



EVE was never supposed to be a game for solo PvE players, hence there is no problem that needs fixing. If you want solo PvE with spaceships, play the X games.


Rule no1 of EvE… once you dock out … you are officially PvPing… and this fact is what makes the game so interesting imo… EvE is not you ordinary solid grinding game… if you dont like it… than this game is not for you…

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That’s because they whine on the forum instead of trying to understand the game.
What’s the reward of something if there is no challenge ? In Eve, the challenge is to understand the game and its players, not to rat.


“solo PVE” is also known as a puzzle. EVE is not a puzzle game, no. It’s a game game.

I had no trouble ratting solo for quite some time. It is not hard. I’ve even done it in a major mission hub. It’s just all part of the puzzle that is PvE. Here are some simple tips…

Fly inconspicuously. This means that a Raven will work only slightly less than a Raven Navy. Unless you want the attention, fly the Raven. Want the best inconspicuous ship for PvE… Mission Ishtar. People try to gank the golems but tend to ignore the ishtar.

Don’t over blink your ship or sacrifice too much general tank for extra DPS or rat specific tank. Yes an officer fit Golem can tear through missions, especially if set to resist the rat damage. It is also very easy to gank and not that much faster than a regular T2 fit RNI. The more you bling, the bigger a target you are. Fly cheap and simple, you’ll do fine. A mission may take a few minutes more but that sure beats losing 2 bil if you are ganked.

Stay off the beaten path… Yes Osmond has a nice level 4 SoE agent. It is also over crowded and this draws the wrong kind of attention. Khanid Innovation is in the back woods of EVE, has yeti and other hi value implants in the LP store and far, far less traffic.

When hauling mission loot, don’t be stupid. Don’t make yourself a loot pinata.

If you opt to go into exploration, fly smart and cheap. A vector can handle many escalations and is far cheaper than a Stratios or the like.

Don’t mouth off in local and drawn attention to yourself. Don’t join a corp that mouths off in local either.

If someone shoots your MTU, steals your loot, or tries to get you to attack them, don’t. It’s a trap and you will die.

Seriously, follow these basic tips and you’ll have a long happy solo PvE career in EVE.


thanks for the advice its very helpfull …

Maybe thats why i just see many ship jump in and jump out in my solar system without doing any harsh to me while im capturing an outpost. Theyre not interested in me because i fly cheap ship that not worth to ganked.

And the first time i flying combat battlecruisers in lowsec, a fleet consist of more than 10 ships with different size waiting to gank me in front of the stargate.

So, the key to survive solo in eve is fly cheap ships to hide from a pirates eye


Doesn’t even have to be cheap ships…just have to be smart about what you do. Check the map look at how many jumps, how many kills, how many players active. Check dotlan, use gate camp checker…you can gain a ton of info like that. If you’re in highsec and that’s where you wanna be learn the mechanics of highsec. Don’t fall victim to suspect baits. Don’t fly bling without proper tank. I fly all over new eden solo even being part of a decent sized alliance and I rarely have much issues. Don’t be stupid and use dscan if people are in your system while in lowsec so you see probes. Little tricks while you’re in a pocket running a site like setting dscan to 1au and spamming it like you’re in a WH will let you know even if a cloaky is jumping into your site. They can’t hide as they hop the gate to get in…accept that there will be interruptions and warp off to a safe or dock up. People in eve want action…if you don’t give them any they will get bored and leave you alone and look for a dumber player. Solo is easy if you use your brain and its actually rewarding to do…at least to me it is. If you don’t get used to dying a lot cause that’s what will happen. There are so many resources that no one is going to hold your hand and make you use…or gasp join a corp that will teach you. Just cause you join a corp or alliance doesn’t mean you have to fly in groups, but it does mean you will get help hopefully from people who know what they’re doing.


Andusepunctuationwhenyouwritelongstextsorthetextswillbehardtoreadforinterestedreaders. Alsoneverusethespacebaroranyotherkindofseperationmethodsoyourtextreallymakesmoresense.


sorry OP but i cant take your thread as serious when you have been loosing 2 T2+Faction Gilas in a row on the same system.

either you should change back to a cheaper hull or move from Deltole to a backwater mission hub ayway from the trade hubs. that’ just being masochist, part of advancing on this game is adapting to the situation. staying in the same place with the same costly vessels is just being stubborn.

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IMO, the best way to enjoy a quiet PvE life is to have a thorough understanding of the PvP life.

Know thine enemy.


I’ve largely been a solo pver for the last 11 years now, and I just don’t see a problem. sure I’ve dabbled in a bit of piracy and ganking, but if anything that taught me the mindset and game mechanics around those activities and how to beat them. Meanwhile you seem to just come here and complain about it and call people psychopaths.


Well, gotta say your description isn’t too far from the truth. It’s a shame that you decided to leave. Basically means those miscreants you mentioned have won.

Even though I don’t log into the game as much as I use to do, I definitely won’t quit this game. I keep my character subbed and training skills because I hope that CCP will realize the error of their ways and start making good game decisions.

Yeah someday, even though I’ve been told:


If you have stuff you wont use any more send it my way and thanks.

OP claims to have played for 10 years yet learned very little about how the game works in those 10 years?If you want to be actually good you have to diversify and experience most aspects of this game-knowledge is power.Probably the best way to have your peace and quiet in this game is to have been both the hunter and the hunted and I had my share of both and learned so much that nothing surprises me anymore and I never get caught off guard.
Now I can safely say I’ve met players like the OP in my also 10 year slugfest through EVE
and it’s always the same:medium to long play time,adverse to PvP,lacks knowledge on how to fit even a pve ship properly for the task,lacks knowledge of game mechanics,treats the game as a singleplayer game,doesn’t learn from mistakes and doesn’t adapt to overcome adversity.

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He barely played those 10 years. rage quited first time in 2008 after lost Dominix to NPC. Came back in summer 2013 to lose Dominix navy to the NPC again and rage quited till 2017.

I checked the killboard and it seems to me, that it is not bad evil players who drived him mad. He is mad because his awesome plan did not work.

Log in after server downtime, steal all combat signature that other, hard working PvE players will rightfully farm after they come from work. He started in 2008, droped the game from time to time, never learned how to play it, steam out his rage and frustration on defenseless MTU, left in high sec… So he decide he can be the cola king (or what his corp name is) via playing at exact time, when other can not. So he can cherry pick the best combart sites…

Lost 2 gilas in high sec in couple of days and now rage quit. Cause even outsmarting other players by playing after downtime did not worked.

I am very sorry if I am wrong. But that what I can see from his deeds, not his words…

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the prob that the op has is to accept that he could loss a ship during a mission. had that also after a 2 year break. was a rni. prob then is they tend to do what they do before without coming slowly back maybe vs lv3. but as in my case they accept world collides or extras cause it functions before and they remember. then when they disturbed tend to panacking and do something bad. so i dont wonder about this 2 gila losses. maybe the op could tell more.

so if you came back after a decent break dont do the toughtest missions because you remember. if you are disturbed dont be a fool. dont do things you would not doing during missions.

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This sounds like you did pve in busy systems. The soloist usually tries to find quiet areas to do pve so they will rarely be bothered. Sorry that you’re frustrated this much.


hahahah … you do alot of research for op whereabouts … i lost ships everyday playing eve and im fine as long as i have 1 hauler and 1 miner to start farming the isk, buying new ship and start pvping again until it destroyed and do repeat everydays while my learning skill always on, so basically i do better from time to time