Website Updates - New Community News!

We’re happy to announce that as part of the rollout of a new community website for EVE Online, a few of our news feeds have moved to a new home.

From today, you’ll be able to find News, Devblogs and Patch Notes in the following locations:

News -
The Scope -
Dev Blogs -
Patch Notes -

All future news, blogs and patch notes will be published via these sites, so be sure to update your bookmarks. You can also access the news directly via

For now, the In Character World News, as well as the CSM Portal and the Alliance Tournament Portal will continue to live on the existing community website.

These will be moved over to in deployments over the course of the next few months in order to support the elections for CSM 13 and Alliance Tournament XIV with a new website presence.

All previously published links to news, patch notes and blogs on this website will be redirected to the new pages on

If you have any questions or comments regarding the rollout of this new website, feel free to discuss in this forum thread!


Looks cool.

But before I look at it, what kind of server load can it handle? Will it be okay if 6000 of us try to read it at the same time? :wink:


So… shifting parts of websites around like the countless other times you guys have done this?

Can’t you just make up your minds about what you are actually doing and leave it be?

Surely those resources could’ve been put to better use?

Good work CCP as always.

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Does @CCP_Avalon not have anything better to do? We are still waiting for a replacement for the EVE Gate, and the forum still needs serious work to move it beyond “it works just fine” (for instance, the completely rubbish topic suggestions or that I want to turn off the notification that tells me to stop talking to people, or the issue that the forum oftentimes does not show who I respond to when I click Reply).

Oh wow… Really? I just clicked on some links listed in the first post and was present with a black screen for over 4 seconds. So CCP exports the best feature of the Agency window to the websites as well?


Add in the Sidebar for all those sections the CCP Live Stream when its active.

Secondly, a section should be added for all the current people who are streaming EVE Online.


EDIT: Got home from work and was finally able to test this on desktop, and it looks like the same is happening. Not ideal at all.

Just noticed this UI/UX issue on mobile that I feel should be addressed. The hamburger menu that appears in the top-right corner of the mobile site is removed and replaced with a big “PLAY FOR FREE” button when scrolling down. It’s generally a bad idea to take expected functionality away from the user.

So in order to access the menu once I’ve reached the bottom of the page, I need to scroll back to the top. This can quickly become a hassle when doing any significant navigation around the site.


Can you please make an effort to remove the obvious meme and trolling comments that don’t contribute anything to the forums? Thanks.

And I love the new look.

Only those four rest will be where it was… like World News ?

Any plans to add searching/sorting by year like the old site has?

Other than that, this looks… Interesting. It feels fairly bloated, the page load speed is noticeably slow, I’m not a fan of the design overall but that could just be me. It looks pretty but it’s not that great in terms of functionality. It looks like it’s meant to entice new players(with the PLAY FREE button and the Omega ads), but why would a new player be reading devblogs?

The links on are a bit scattered.

The link for news is near top middle.
The link for SCOP news is near top right.
The link for dev blogs is far below. Most likely you’d need to scroll to even see it unless you have compact task bar and bworser.
The link for patch notes is hidden in bottom right corner.

I really think these should be more grouped together instead of spread out like this.

Even bigger issue is that middle clicking doesn’t work at all.
Middle click opens the link in new tab. Middle click does nothing here. CTRL+click still works just fine for opening the link in new tab so this restriction seems to be completely arbitrary.

Scrolling through older articles is not good. The only thing you can do is to use “older” link. No search no selecting year, no selecting month. Just a chronological list that you can read through one page at a time.

I hate bars that follow me with passion. This bar even changes size when you start following. When you start scrolling down it first disappears but then comes back. Do we really need to waste so much space just to have the “play free” button follow me everywhere. This bar gets itself added to ublock blocking list right away.

Did you miss the patch notes from today?

I’m not a UI designer, but can certainly provide feedback from the User Experience angle:

  • The bar that follows the page is too thick. It also has this weird blank space between when the large header dissolves into nothingness before returning as a bar - if you insist on making it a header bar, it should turn directly into a header bar, not disappear and reappear.

  • The page content is way too big. If I fullscreen my browser it only fits 2 article listings, with huge text, overly large images, and way too much whitespace. I don’t need an inch between images, and 2-4 inches between text bodies.

  • The article text preview cuts off abruptly instead of trailing off. Oftentimes it cuts in the middle of the word. Candlejack would be pr

  • That footer is huge, both spatially as well as the amount of link content. That’s exactly the sort of stuff that should be in the header in the form of dropdown menus.

Exorbitant whitespace is great for eye-catching simplicity, but simplicity doesn’t really fit EVE or its playerbase IMHO, nor is it properly suitable for the amount of content available. More whitespace works when you have less to show, but this is EVE, with a massive expanse of published content, not some hipster product blog that posts every four months. I won’t say Mabinogi’s news page is perfect, because the navigation there is pretty lame, but it’s more user-friendly and displays more information per screenful than our new news page :frowning:


Mm, nice. Looks slick and classy.

+1 on an active CCP live stream, that would easily bring more views, maybe put it just under The Scope? Or above?

Good to see a separate section for The Scope, hope to see more of it soon now that it has a dedicated page! If not, well, you guys are always welcome to put The Discourse there :wink: Adding World News and a link to Fiction Portal there would be nice to finish up the small, concentrated lore-dedicated corner on Eve’s frontpage.

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Sooo. As is becoming all too common with all things Eve, this looks pretty but is missing some basic functionality.

Dev Blogs - Where is the link to the feedback thread?
Where is the access to older blogs (for reference or just curiosity). Yes you can google “Eve dev blogs” then search about half way down the page and find a link to an old blog. After selecting one to review, you click “dev blogs” (hoping to go back to a list of blogs) and are taken to the most recent blog, which has no links to feedback threads or any type of access to other/older blogs.

At least “patch notes” has the option to review older patch releases, albeit a very limited selection (there is a LOT missing)

All previously published links to news, patch notes and blogs on this website will be redirected to the new pages on eveonline.com7

Sadly this leads you to a site that has NO information or links to anything previously published. If you want to review older information released by CCP about Eve, it just became that little bit harder to do.

Is the web team really this bad - Or is this simply another example of CCP’s “release it ready or not” design plan.

To CCP Management - Please, if you’re going to “update” something associated with EveOnline - At least TRY to make it better than what was. Pretty isn’t everything, functionality counts.


This is a totally Ignorant position of coding.

Front end development (Website work that you see) has nothing to do with coding in the game, In fact the languages are not even same. Website work like this depending on the person and the website, does not take anywhere near the time it does to release a patch, or create an upgrade for eve.

So if you want to bash on ccp like a child throwing a fit, at least do it not looking stupid.

CCP has more terrible products than what’s in the client. The forums are still sloppy, buggy, and might as well be a fansite. I don’t mess with the rest of the web presence because it’s completely pointless, and because my visits to other parts of the site are straight up painful. The launcher uses a web interface and is still meh. When someone says “resources could’ve been put to better use” they aren’t saying web devs should be trying to fix tidi. Don’t be obtuse.

A relatively simple gripe here. You can right-click or ctrl-click to open a new tab, but middle-click seems to not work? At least from any of the main pages, once you get into an article or the forum, middle-click works fine.

Any chance you could fix this behaviour please?

–tested on Firefox Quantum 58.0 64bit on Windows 10 Pro–


Tested on Chrome 64.0.3282.119 (Official Build) (64-bit) and middle click works there. Tried again in Firefox with in a private window without extensions and userscripts running and still no middle-click functionality.

Any suggestions folks in case it’s just my PC that’s borked?

So the RSS feeds are no longer supported and/or updated?
Because the last entries are not listed in the feeds.


Great idea linking directly from the eveonline homepage, makes it easy to find what’s going on. Should the front news page feed updates from all: news, the Scope, patch notes and dev blogs?

Well, there may be hope, as I see this link on their new site:

But considering it points to the discontinued Gate, I think it being there is likely a mistake.
But we can hope!

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