Devblog: CCPlease - When Memes Become Reality


(CCP Falcon) #1

Check out this devblog for more information on CCPlease - a new addition to that will help tracking some of the key quality of life improvements that are coming to New Eden.

Read all about it here!

So... What exactly is CCPlease?
(theRaptor) #2

When are you making the biggest QOL change and rolling back to 2012?

(Nana Skalski) #3

I though you will show how EVE development looks by creating memes about it. I am disappoint. :confused:

Looks like whole CCP works on 64 bit client and chat at the moment. Where is the rest of CCP work? I dont believe that there is nothing more in preparation.
Where is actual meat, like redesigns, SKINS for structures, new implant lines CCP promised years ago, rebalances in areas of gameplay, some features that are desirable.

Take a look at Star Citizen dev timeline and look what they have shared with players.

(Tora Bushido) #4

Ok, that was funny… :rofl::rofl::rofl:

(Rivr Luzade) #5

April 1st is 2 months away. And gives me a 500 Server Error.

#CCPQualityCoding :rofl:

(Black Pedro) #6

Another communication channel is great, but I will point out that is already borderline utilized and could serve this function. I mean, even now, there are only three things for the future there, and it has generally been the case for well over a year now. And one of those things, the 64-bit client is on ccplease now (showing a date after “The Winter” indicated on, while I am not sure why “More Balance” and “Agency Revamp” aren’t included?

And why aren’t the wardec changes a CCPlease thing? Or at least an thing?

If it is for accountability, is there some way to request for various projects that have been announced by CCP to be added to the page?

(Rivr Luzade) #7

Borderline utilized is putting it mildly. Sometimes things appear there when they are already introduced, or don’t appear at all. :smile:

(Nana Skalski) #8

CCP doesnt work on it this time apparently. Looks like they dont want to give people any funny ideas that something is actually done, only to can it later and forget about it.

The lesser the people know about how sausages, games and laws are made, the better they sleep in the night
I think it was Bismack

(Spacepilot101) #9

I think this kind of interactive roadmap is a nice idea. In my opinion you should add in everything CCP is working on at the moment, to give the players something to be excited about and to show some progress done to the game.

Everyone would be pleased by some balancing changes to shake up the stale meta, changes regarding the easiness of 0.0 botting, your ideas on those things, your approach and ultimately the time we can expect to get those features / changes.

Your desire to be in touch with the community is really honorable and everything, but since we can’t even get info regarding promised changes from 2017, making new systems to show transparency does not make the cut.

Good intentions are not sufficient. Good actions are. It’s your turn.

(Sylvia Kildare) #10

can confirm… dev blog: “CCPlease is live now”… link --> " 500 – internal server error


You have entered system B-R500 – better known as Internal Server Error. Something is wrong at this end, probably malfunctioning ancient Territorial Control Units."

Fun error, at least. ;D link to ye olde Feb 2014 B-R5RB post-battle dev blog.

(Steve Ronuken) #11

This isn’t a roadmap for eve. It’s specifically for ‘tracking progress on quality of life improvements.’

Nothing else. As it says in the devblog.

(Black Pedro) #12

I’m still confused.

Why is the 64-bit client a “quality of life” improvement but ‘The Agency Redesign’ not?

So this site will not provide updates on game changes or additions, just technical improvements that have been announced? That seems like a very niche application of a dedicated webpage like this.

But ok, if that is the scope of this page, thanks for the additional transparency.

(Nana Skalski) #13



(Zachri) #14

Divide, divert, distract. Always a useful toolbox under conditions of minimum product viability and asset sweating. Not without a tangible cost however. Such as holes in the bottom. Funny how Hilmar only ever repeated the first part of that infamous textbook quote :slight_smile:

(Alfirus II Zateki) #15

If only items can be craft to level up and those craftier need skills and some mineral for each items. This will create sub profession and makes each player’s ship a bit unique.

(Sarmatiko) #16

How to find CCPlease page on EVE sites without bookmarking the link? Add it to the top menu near Updates maybe?

(Salt Foambreaker) #17

You should go play if you like it so much.

(Cory Za) #18

CCPlease, lets not forget, the average age of players and those complaining=

(Jim Harlocker) #19

Guys, guys, guys. Who cares about the chat and the 64 bit client? I mean those things are ok but what we want is new activities. For example, be supposed you going to bring a whole bunch of Citizen Science activities in the game but you never finished the only one you have. There are 7000 solar systems out there and the activities that you can do are so limited when in reality the activities that you can have in a single solar system are unlimited. Unless, we want the a whole universe only for “bang – bang, boom – boom”

(Veskin Sentinel) #20

I like this feature! Obviously this is just the start of it and it will get more elaborate in the future, including various things. As feedback is collected, I am sure the list will increase in size. Looking forward to see how will this develop.