RIP Winter stuff

CCP recently updated the Update page, by renaming what was supposed to come in Winter 2019… And renaming it for Spring-Summer 2019.

Don’t want to spit on them yet, but I guess we’ll finally get a 64-bits client when Star Citizen will be released.


I don’t care so much about the 64-client. Since that one was set to April-May in the ccplease page.

I do find it funny how the “More Balance!” has just been pushed since for however long nor contains any specifics. I mean, it even says in the text “Over the course of releases running up to the winter and into 2019”.

What is even happening at CCP?

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Pearl Abyss is happening at CCP.

Skins and other microtransaction stuff and casualising the game in order to make the maximum profit is far more important than the developement of the game.


It was happening even before Pearl Abyss. So CCP can’t be excused with the acquisition.

CCP has always been pretty bad at managing their game, but we seem to have found a new low.


Don’t be so dismissive of the 64-bit client. It is CCPs secret weapon against multiboxers. If they keep to their usual coding standards the new client will consume twice as much memory and triple the CPU load.


CCP has a limited staff of devs so it’s not to argue that -if “other stuff” like i mentioned is far more important- the “game developement stuff” has to suffer or will be completly stopped…

Let me make this by talking it out…the lootboxes are coming,everybody sees it but only a few even talk about it…

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ftfy :rofl:

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EVE is dying. :bone:


I listened to a talking in stations discussion where they talked about some feedback from the CSM meeting in that they went into a major discussion over ship balance most notably caps, perhaps from that they have more on their plate then they suggested and put it back a bit to accommodate that.


Your reactions are as expected.

So ok then…let’s not talk about what’s happening.

Maybe better for all.

Yeah, let’s just ram burning red steel in our eyes to blind ourselves and let things happen. Best thing to do.

If I can’t see the problem, the problem doesn’t exist !


I heard Icelanders are known for that they dont allow themselves being restricted by deadlines. :smile:


Thanks for the laugh. ^^

About the update page… well. I could not care less about “The Agency 3.0”. I see what they try to do, but I’m just not within the target-group of these attempts.

But I’m looking forward to balance changes.

We already have some kind of lootboxes: the skins-boxes you get from Project Discovery or the ones that are dropped from NPC-Haulers of the mining-expeditions.
But those are a harmless breed since it’s just another way of managing drops of items.

If they implement the buy a box for real money and get items that to have any use except of being cosmetical-kind of lootbox, then I’m going to be mad at CCP too.
But I refuse to get hysteric or drag myself down about hypothetical things. Just enjoy the show while it lasts. It will be ending soon enough.


Sorry for the confusion guys.

EVE Updates is still in the process of going through a round of updates from our web team so some stuff is moving around :slight_smile:


We’ve been through this lie and more before


In other news, we will update you on the updates coming to the updates page so it can be updated with any updated updates not currently updated by our updates team. :rofl:

Update: re-typed three wrongfuly typed “udpates”.


Eh, first time a CCP guy respond to one of my topic

Where’s muh medal


I’m waiting for CCP to haul out the old excuse:
“The dog ate my homework,er, programing…”

Perhaps in CCP Falcon’s view,
“The cats have taken everyone’s mouse…”

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ftfy :rofl:

well if they’d quit selling off offices and laying off people. they make more money than ever before but over the years they constantly cut overhead.

CCP used to have 3 offices of devs, and i think around 400+ people. now its 1 office and under 200. FYI during the last layoffs, right after the VR ordeal, they laid off much of the community team, so if you wonder why CCP hasnt been very talkive and handling with players.

many of the community dev team were highly upset. still feel bad for the 1 chick that left everything behind for the chance to work at ccp