Please Fix the RSS Feeds for EVE Online News, Dev Blogs, and Patch Notes

Every so often CCP breaks the RSS feeds on their web site. The last time was back in 2018. Up until about a month ago the following feeds functioned.

EVE News –
EVE Dev Blogs –
EVE Patch Notes –

Those feeds now return a generic 500 error when accessed. Please fix them.

This issue is made more pressing by the fact that CCP has decided to only post news and updates on anything like a regular basis to Twitter. So, for example, the news channels at the EVE Online Discord have seen no activity since August. This might be because they too were using the RSS feeds. So if you fix the feeds, you might get that back as well.

Worth a shot. Go fix the RSS feeds please.

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And, no doubt related, the JSON feeds that were added back in 2018 are also broken.

EVE Dev Blogs JSON –
EVE Patch Notes JSON –

Yes please, I used these. Broad spectrum CCP ⇄ player comms has been the reason EVE survived so many risky years, I don’t like seeing this few dev blogs, dev forum posts nowadays (granted fanfest is an enormous attention sink soo… wb devs?)

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The majority have been moved and combined to
EVE Online feeds

And EVE Online patch-notes

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