EVE News – Website update


A new version of the EVE News website is now live, ready to serve all Capsuleers eager to hear the latest from New Eden! Please use this thread to share your thoughts on the new layout.

To promote a thoughtful discussion, the thread will be in a slow mode for the first 24 hours.


slow mode means you dont want feedback at all.


“This is Brett McSerious, Caldari News, delivering essential** information to our deserving^ citizens.”

** as determined by corporate information placement. Contact our corporate office for current placement rates and fees.
^ as determined by service to the State - Better service rewards better information, citizen.

–Informed Gadget

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I like the layout, but it’s kind of annoying to try and find stuff.

Fore example, if you search for “MER,” it won’t list any MER’s. You have to search for “Monthly Economic Report” to get them.

And, if you click on the “economy” tab, you get one result.

Of course, I don’t expect anyone to go through umpteen years of dev articles to re-tag them all, but it would be nice if they were better tagged moving forward.


Slow mode is a handy new feature we are testing out on the EVEO forums. I can’t entirely agree with the notion that you cannot provide feedback with 15mins between posts in slow mode, but you do need to collect your thoughts and think about what you want to write before hitting ‘Reply’.


How much did you pay Valve to use The G-Man from Half-Life franchise as a mascot for EVE News?


Great feedback. We are looking at adding extra functionality to support different keywords for the same content for future updates. In the meantime, all the Monthly Economic Reports can be found here.

As for the tags to old content, we are going to add more but it is a manual process, so it will happen in batches.


can’t find what i was looking for

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I want to be able to wear that suit the guy is wearing


A solid attempt at creating a EVE news aggregating site.

Will there be any attempt at trying to CC or relay conversations and reveals that originally occur using other methods (i.e., Reddit, discord)? Understand that you are unable to relay all, but there have been some important reveals using other methods that took some time to reach EVE forums.


We have something in mind that should help with that for the not so distant future :slight_smile:


WOW new SOE models ?!?! NICE!

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your arguments are valid, but i know just one company with such a behavior. its an icelandic one.

I’m only teasing of course. Other than that, I like how unique visuals for each patch notes post is used. I have no issue with it. I liked how the website is fast and stable(at least for me). Keep up the good work. +1

Search: “Sorry, there are no results for _____”
Please consider putting the search term in quotes, so users can be certain this part of the sentence was their input.

I was hoping Search would work like “old search” - to find words in articles or titles, does it only search keywords?! Please tooltip or otherwise inform users of the search depth they can expect. I’m happy the “news archive” link takes me to the current/old news articles index, where the search feature seems more in-depth.

Why is the person in the artwork so sad? He looks like someone have died.


So I need to wait until tomorrow to edit my post for spelling?

Posting multiple posts, I get - correcting existing posts is another.

–Chief Editor Gadget

Where is the “in game news” / “game world news” ?


What was wrong with the previous version?

Also the main Eve News we need to hear right now = CCP is working round the clock to eradicate all bugs currently plaguing New Eden.


Does this affect the RSS feeds? Are those going to continue to work, will they change locations? I no longer actively play EVE Online but I still love reading the news and seeing where the game is going and maybe one day I’ll have the time to play again. Getting the content pushed to me rather than having to seek it out is very important to staying engaged!