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Is there any chance we could get a link to the Eve newsfeed in the IGS sticky? It is nearly impossible to find by navigating the Eve webpage.


I’d be for that.

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Raising the visibility of EVE World News is a longstanding issue, yeah. A link here would be nice. Not ‘put the feed back in the launcher’ nice, but…


Imagine how the CCP employee feels, who writes that stuff!

I’m surprised this wasn’t jumped on. Only one person bumped this and it was a crewmate. Thread is locked now :man_shrugging:


Yeah, it’s something we raised with CCP Delegate Zero last April. It’s an issue of the storage format, and the ‘World News’ articles not being migrated over when everything else was.

Perhaps. It’s a fairly critical omission, however. Personally I had zero idea this stuff even existed until I stumbled across it by accident. Also: it is not difficult to identify some low-hanging fruit when it comes to more closely integrating the RP experience with the game itself in which these tech obstacles do not exist (“let the intern do it” level of difficulty changes) that CCP isn’t cashing in on either :thinking:

ISD Buldath is doing his part putting together a new IGS bulletin based on feedback in this thread, but CCP needs to do their part and take this segment of the community more seriously.


Totally agree. And a number of other ISD volunteers in the InterStellar Correspondents are working to get the old chronicles and prime fiction sorted and cleaned up so it can be reviewed and put into the new fiction format.

But, you know, ‘CCP needs to hire a dozen more people whose full-time job is dealing with the story they want players to care about’ is an old, old issue. :frowning:

And also goes to the heart of ‘sandbox’ including storybuilding as well. I do think that CCP has been doing better on this given the current events. People have been creating news for the IGS Newsfeeds of late.

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Because honestly, I think a lot of us have given up on even hoping for it, after…

And on and on and on. :frowning:


Once CCP realizes that they can get news coverage for lore, they will jump on it. Or is it if they realize? Until then…

How i miss the

Published every other week, Chronicles are intended to examine the various aspects of life in New Eden. The entire list is contained here, and a comment thread for this particular story may be found here.


Another thing that came to mind so this does not become an out of topic.

The ammount of lore available, even if in the form of news, helps people to create more complex characters, specially with the ongoing events having changed so much of the factions in the last years.

Caldari before and after Heth surely changed the population enough to make them either jump in or refuse the aparent ongoing coup of the “Corporate State of the Caldari People”, how are the debts and economic help they recieved from Amarr?

Gallente under Foritan, then under the influence of Blake and Roden, how did they react to the increased security in detriment of civil liberties, how is their relation to the Minmatar after the whole Midular situation ?

Amarr and Minmatar had a lot of coverage, but still, how are things and tensions between them and their allies?

So much happened recently, how did this impact the population, their views about their political system, the Triglavmania.

More lore helps to make more nuanced characters, it can be in the form of news, more scope videos, or chronicles (no need to every other week, but every other year is kinda… spaced)


CCP knows. Dirk Stetille and I interviewed DZ over a year ago for INN. We’ve had coverage of major news events before that, including the Amarr succession trials, the assassination of Empress Jamyl, etc. So have MMORPG, Massively, etc.

On the one hand, they push their internal ‘story’ onto players so much, the guys who went out to null specifically to opt out now have to deal with ‘space weather’ caused by it. On the other, outside of their press releases, they don’t tell anyone what the hell is going on.

It’s disjointed, it’s sloppy, it’s lazy, and it’s self-defeating. It’s bad. And it’s really, really disheartening to see it just get worse, year after year, even while Hilmar’s spouting off every damned year about ‘the story’.

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I honestly thought Hilmar disliked the story. Chaos is the opposite of story.

No no, if you listen to him, he was talking about chaos in the context of story, and within the ‘invasion’ framework. Mechanics chaos to serve narrative.

You know, while he was crowing about how they’d invented a new trading paradigm… the raffle.


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Truf, that tangent was getting off-topic. But still: EVE Lore news in the launcher (and, dear god, please, some way to access it in-client!) would be wonderful. Especially since we get told that there’s only one ‘ad’ in the launcher, but at any given moment 50-75% of the items in the carousel are, in fact, promotional adverts.


I would love it. The lore is really what keeps me playing EVE. Especially “The Scope” Videos.


:red_circle: If only we still had a news list instead of these humongous ad cards. I don’t see how even more cards showing up even more frequently would be a benefit. Even though, I would very much would like to have more visibility of ingame news.