RP Enhancement: Enable FW ranks to be displayed in character info window decorations tab

Presently, the character decorations tab can only display player-made medals on an individually enabled/disabled basis; however, FW ranks are never shown. I propose that we be presented with the option to enable/disable each of these (possibly simultaneously) in the same manner as player medals, thereby demonstrating to others in-game where we stand in the empire militias.


I would argue that FW ranks have less meaning than player medals, as player medals actually show acknowledgement by others (Ok or your own alts), rather than just grinding plexes solo potentially.

Doesn’t mean I’m against this of course. But it is a point to consider that those ranks have no real meaning.

I agree, I was hoping I could show my lowly Defender Lieutenant rank. For RP purposes: I was hoping it’d show where I left my militia life in the past :slight_smile:

Also, some of those ranks have cool quotes (mine included).

I’m not against the display change, however I don’t like the faction rank system at all. To me a PvP system like factions should not allow rank to be gained doing missions.

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