Setting FW Standings for Non-FW characters

I would like to be able to identify a FW Faction in local with an ALT that isn’t participating in FW. Not seeing any options where I can do that. I can set standings for all known corps in one faction, but that won’t cover all of a faction given the new changes just released allowing individuals to join.

Thank you

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Mr. Morden! How good of you to come!

Shouldn’t the being in same or enemy militia tag give you a hint, or was this messed up with the upgrade? I think you don’t need standing.

The alt isn’t in Faction Warfare. He can’t see the tags in local that show who’s who.
That’s why I want to be able to set standings towards a Militia.

Share a screenshot with the alt

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Yeah got it, the tags are there but not visible cause bound to be in militia themselves. To be honest I wouldn’t support this option to have, as neutral alts in FW support are kind of fishy. As a neutral just fight/shoot everyone. If you can’t stand solo, put the alt into the militia.

lol. It’s just a no-skill scouting alt.
It would appear this is not something that can be done.

Make a note of any characters you see, then change their standings on the alt

That’s some quality Salt Geo.

Why then not put it into the militia? I don’t get it. Unless you deliberately want it outside to hide your intentions, then I would say works as designed. If I would want to spy on Goons, I would be in Goons, right?

Maybe it’s standings are trashed and can’t join a militia.
Maybe the scout also needs to be used for other purposes and needs to be able to travel through regions controlled by several factions.

Maybe the sun and the moon are not aligned.

And maybe… this has nothing to do with what I ‘should’ do, and the point is what it should be able to do.
There’s really no reason why one couldn’t ‘manually’ set standings towards a militia. You can set standings towards just about anything else. Just saying, it’s an oversight.

Love all the Salt guys. As usual, lots of salt and meaningless alternatives rather than a simple “no”, it can’t be done. Keep it coming.

Create another skill less scout alt …

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