FW standings question

I am looking at trying FW. I am curious how quickly my standings will drop to other factions. If it happens pretty quickly is it better to just make an alt ?
Which faction is good to go to that helps new FW players learn the ropes ?

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Uh, I’m not an expert on FW, but since no one else is responding…

I’m pretty sure you’ll wind up tanking your faction standings. Things have presumably gotten better for security status now that neutral parties automatically get a suspect timer when entering plexes, but you’ll probably see that drop over time as well. Personally, I wouldn’t eve bother with trying to maintain standings and sec status. I would either create a new alt specifically for FW, or create a new alt specifically for HS (PvE/shopping/hauling/whatever).

Apparently 2 of the faction warzones are kind of dead, so you’d want to go with one of the other 2. Unfortunately, I can’t remember which ones were supposed to be the good ones. idk, perhaps checking out recruitment ads for FW corps would be the best bet (through the in game corp tool and here on the forums).

Speaking of which, if you’re looking for someone to help you learn the ropes of PvP, you might want to check out RvB’s Flight Academy. I think they’re mostly active in HS, but it sounds like they suffer from no shortage of fights.


Over time it will fall, but you should be able to repair faction standings. Further reading on this subject here.

@Shipwreck_Jones mentioned about war zone activity. The most active right now is Minmatar / Amarr.


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