FW and standings

At the moment, if for any reason you want to keep enemy faction standings, you need to avoid being promoted.

With current mechanics there is nothing that lowers friendly militia corporation standings only. You can choose to kill friendly militia, but then you take a hit against both friendly militia and faction.

You can also leave current militia, wait 24 hours, join opposing, kill / pod several NPC militia corp members from your “ex militia”, leave, wait 24 hours, join back…

Would it not make more sense, for people who want to balance their standings to have action that drops friendly militia standings only? Like for example, shooting the friendly NPC in plexes would be good candidate?

Or remove the promotion standings gain and losses. Militia is super fun content, but I am not willing to mess up my future standings for that fun. Right now since I swapped militias, I have a bit of complex capturing leeway before first promotion, but that is going to run out and even tho I do not capture complexes for the sake of LP, it’s still one of the best ways to instigate fight.

FACTION WAR. Why should you get to kill your enemies and not have consequences. Actions have consequences. If you are that worried, create a FW alt.


This really seems to be a trend recently where people want to fight in the war but none of the yucky standings’ losses.

that faction side-swapping thing seems like a way to exploit the faction standing reset.

You shouldn’t be killing those on your side of the faction war, period. they are you ALLIES.


I know, as veteran you are used to different EVE and you are very resistant to changes. They already added abyss filaments which you can run as much as you want and not affect your standings, so it’s not that much far offset.

Also the solution I am proposing is to at least add some mechanism for balancing it more easily. Even security status can be fixed with tags.

Would you rather more people PVPing or less? :smiley:

Faction warfare standings - EVE University Wiki there is no other way, this standings table has no action which lowers just the friendly militia standings.

As for being exploit, it’s not. It’s balancing standings, same as with empires where you can do missions for one, then the other, or do epic arcs to boost them all and have them all positive.

There fundamentally would be something broken in the game if there were a way to „balance“ standings while participating in Faction War content. As I see it your request is to break the game.

There are consequences to your actions. A consequence is enemy factions hate you. And there are capsuleers that provide paid services to boost your standings back up for you, and are happy to do so (USIA or similar). These emergent gameplay player provided services are what make Eve, Eve Online.

You are contradicting yourself.

First you are calling it broken and saying it has consequences, then you are recommending a service which can step in for a price. What is it then? Exploit or business?

I am saying YOUR suggestion would break the game. The whole category of solution you are looking to achieve („balance standings“) is a „broken game“ category.

The status quo is fine as is. Hence I oppose your suggestion. Player run standing services are a business reflecting emergent gameplay. Which is cool.

Please reread what I said with the above in mind, I promise it doesn’t contradict itself.

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Fair enough

Wow what a hollow argument. Let’s throw out logic and reason as FW has actual implications because it is a war just to get more people to PVP?! No, I will not throw out my logic and reasoning to “want people to PVP more.”

A person fights in a war. They lose standings with the enemy. Plain and simple

This hard rule should not be infringed upon. It would be quite silly to slaughter enemies and then dock at their stations and use their resources like nothing happened. Does that really sound right to you?

It’s called Faction War for a reason. Not Faction PVP brawl.


Yet, I can still dock at any Caldari station, including Jita. It’s a game, not all things need to make sense, with that logic, the moment you sign up for Gallente, all Caldari stations should stop offering access to dock and also impound your assets…

Obviously, I know that. :laughing: Everything is done to a degree and in moderation. Every situation is different. I have never advocated for extreme RP like that as it is unrealistic in many game settings.

Actually yes, if you do kill empire citizens in this game you will be shot by faction police. We are quite close to possible all-out war in some shape or another. (Look at the hints CCP drops tensions are high!) We have actually now seen mission agents stop offering missions to enemy empires during the shadow war.

People who claim the other side just inherently agrees with the extreme view based on one targeted comment (FW standings) in this case as a rebuttal shows the original claim is weak and there is no good argument that says we should just drop all consequences and have people fight each other Red vs Blue style.

Anyways that’s all I gotta say. You can’t have your cake and eat it. FW will always have consequences when enemies kill each other. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Make a FW alt. Make a FW alt for all 4 empires! I can care less. What I care about is people who want to eliminate consequences to their actions. :joy:

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