Faction Warfare allied kills, needs change

There are a bunch of corps around the Minmatar space that have people in both Amarr and Matar. They engage you blue on blue if you attack someone based on the assumption you engage some enemy. CCP needs to up the standings penalty significantly or otherwise these farming corporations continue to abuse the system. Of course you can set them red after the fact, but that is a poor workaround for a fix CCP should apply. In fact I see no reason why you can engage an militia “ally” at all, I mean it is not as if you can proactively engage without ruining your own standing.


The problem is somewhat nastier. A corporation is created, which recruits a couple of hundred one-day characters who correct the average relationship with the faction. This corporation joins FW. End. Now any member of this corporation can kill allies without fear of being kicked out of FW. Two or three fly across 5 beacons and kill the allies located there, after which they warp 5 farming windows. At the same time, the system PROTECTS these players, because what choice does someone who expects an attack from an ally have? Lose your stand for trying to fight back, or simply run away. All. Really the most disgusting hole in the mechanics of FW, which completely discouraged me from playing the game.

I do. The same reason why you can shoot people in your own Corp or in your own Alliance. It’s a sandbox game and betrayal is a possibility.

I however do agree that the penalties for doing so should be really harsh, up to expulsion from the Militia on repeated offenses and a standing hit towards that faction that makes sure they cannot enlist again.

Look at this problem now: you can be in a militia with -10 faction relations right now, you can kill allies and it will do literally nothing for you, but if an ally attacks you, they will lose their faction relations. Funny?
Why system protect betrayers ?

Yeap, in fact… killing an ally should suspend you from the militia for a period of time and dropping bellow a certain level of standings should kick you out the faction

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