Add FW rank in Local

As title says. Add an option to display fw rank before player names in local. You could also go as far as adding symbols for depicting earned challenges for all players.
Such as over 1k pvp kills.
Solo kills.
NPC kills.
Missions completed.
Faction standing.
Minerals mined.

And could even offer plex symbols for factions, or fonts.
Of course I think players should be able to opt out of all of it. Maybe put a limit on it to help reduce server load. Like members of fleets dont display anything…

Would be cool

No because FW rank is just farmed running missions and has no real meaning.

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A PVE Carebear without a single PVP kill to his name can easily attain the highest FW rank, so this is completely useless for anything other than RP purposes. All it would do it take up screen space, which is a valuable, highly limited commodity in EVE.

Consider this far more practical alternative:

So remove the standings vs rank equivalent. And replace it with something else. Its not hard

What quantifiable metric exists to qualify someone’s PVP competency? If you pull up “impressive KBs” so many of them take on easy prey (gate camping, suicide ganking miners/transports, killing newbs, etc doesn’t make you competent), or ride coattails (oh look, I have a Fortizar on my KB because I touched it with my Atron when my alliance did all the work), or they bash MTUs all day…

Its literally the same with all ranked games. Someone joins a empty server or has alts for farming. All you do is say we cant on peeps posts. You are no one. Stop killjng creativity with your dull conformity and move along.

@State_Soldier_1 you know in-game player-made medals are a thing, right? I’m not talking about corp titles, I mean actual medals with custom names, descriptions, and designs. If you want to be uniquely decorated as “Fairy Princess Mermaid” and have it be publicly displayed in-game, you can, it just doesn’t belong in Local, nor do FW ranks.


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