Project Discovery: Needs more "carrots"

Dear CCP … we’re still working on this Covid research, right ? Time for some more awards … some of us are waaaaaaaaaaaaaay past level 650 and still going strong … time for more “carrots” to keep the morale up.
At the very least, make people’s “rank” visible on the “Ranks” part of the Character Sheet … or create and award a medal to be displayed in “Decorations”.
Plenty of options.
Make it so.
Stay safe.


Why not reward yourself with a nice PLEX or SKIN purchase? You can even buy a very special pack that contains both!

It pays very well, unbelievably well for the amount of effort. That’s your carrot.

This isn’t a bad idea TBH. Would go well with FW medals being displayed if CCP ever gets around to that.

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I agree 100%.

And code it to be active and available for both Alpha and Omega, whether in a Player Corp or NPC Corp.


Fixed for accuracy.


Medals… :rofl: Some of you need a self-esteem boost it seems.
Go blow up a ship in PvP, I hear it helps with that.

It’s an RP thing, not a self-esteem thing.

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You need medals to role-play? What role does the medal play in the role play?
I’m genuinely interested to find out. I like role play too. I may learn something new wirh this thread.

RPers don’t “need” it, but player-made-and-awardable medals are already an in-game feature. The mechanics could use some QoL enhancements, but it’s there. The commentary above simply suggests that FW medals could be listed alongside player-made medals in the info window, and that PD medals corresponding with PD milestones are also created and listed alongside both. Here is a (satirical) example I previously created for discussion in a different forum post in case you are unfamiliar with them.

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I read this:

I have been doing activity X a lot (can’t stop doing it in fact, I just keep going and going someone please stop me), and I was wondering: can we please have more reasons to do activity X?

I don’t really understand why there needs to be more of an incentive to do Project Discovery at that point?

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Sorry, i gave all my Carrots to Solstice. Something about weaponizing them. So will broccoli do?

Lots of things already are an in-game feature, that doesn’t tell me why medals are needed.
You said for role-playing but you’re not telling me what the medal would be used for except Show’n’Tell.

Again, your rationale for having the medals is that similar stuff already exist in the game but that doesn’t tell me anything else beyond that.

What would we use the medal for besides
“Hey, look! I got a medal!”
“You tha Man!”
And then…?

Medals, eh? I can totally imagine how that would turn out based on player entitlement.




Once again, you have it completely ass backwards.

“Carebears” do their thing for personal satisfaction.

PvPers do nothing if there isn’t a stat or title they can link to to show off since they smell too bad to get a girlfriend to be seen with.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Sorry, the CDS is flaring up again.

But in my defense, you haven’t been sending me your cheap Canadian meds lately.

(Anecdotally, I’ve seen a lot of ridiculous medals in carebear corporations, and rarely see the feature used in PvP-oriented corporations. Multiple corporations I’ve been in gave out “purple hearts” for dying to ganks/wars. But yes, we do like stroking our peens to actual stats more than they do.)

Just like everything else, it’s a visual cue for more immersion into the game. Medals would pertain more to the RP aspect of the game.


I refer you to the beginning of my post:

As for your second point:

You answered your own question with

Which brings us to your last point:

There does not need to be an “and then”.

Medals a novelty. They’re fun. They’re a form of expression. They may-or-may-not be viewed as a status symbol depending on who is awarding them, for what, why, and what the criteria/relative exclusivity is for that medal. Most importantly, medals are what players make them out to be. They’re in the same category as clothing and ship SKINs, and the psychology behind them is akin to why, given the choice, most people would prefer to have a trophy instead of settling for handshakes and pats on the back for <insert something here> in real life. Some players care, some don’t, but the choice exists, and players enjoy choice. Players enjoy them and they spend ISK on them (5m a pop last time I checked). Hey, look! It’s an ISK sink! It’s a shame it’s not too much of an ISK sink if for no other reason that less than 1% of players even know player-made medals are a thing.

It is easy to justify enhancing medals in relation to FW and PD on the basis of existing mechanics and FW/PD already having partial implementations of what would be required to list them in the player decoration tabs. In the case of FW medals, they have the entirety of the necessary implementation other than actually listing them: they already exist both visually/hierarchically AND they are already listed in the character sheet, so all that is being done is listing them in a second location in addition to the first. The amount of coding involved is minimal since there are no database changes, only UI rendering changes.

PD medals would use existing designs and rank names already found in PD. The only database change required here would be assigning a description to each medal/tier, and possibly providing better visuals for the medals (eg. provide ribbons, show at higher resolution, etc)

OP is proposing tossing in a carrot, not a three-course meal.

Medal mechanics could use some additional QoL, but in relation to FW/PD medals this is low-hanging fruit.


Thanks for your post. Now I understand better. Sorry for trying to figure it out. I’ll refrain from trying to understand in the future so no one else has to waste their time as you did.
Take care.

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I’m looking at Project Discovery and am just now noticing those. C’mon CCP I want more medals.