Little things / Small QoL suggestions

Suggestion: “Leave Ship” button when changing clones
Keywords: ui, structures, pod, changing pod,
Note: Functionality already available for Skill Extraction.


When trying to extract skills while still in a ship, the above window appears allowing you to exit the ship with a single button press.

Given how often we change pods, could we not have this option for that too?


Suggestion: Ability to set Inventory window to show remaining volume instead of used volume

Keywords: ui, inventory
Note: Useful for Jump Freighter and Freighter pilots trying to maximize their cargo carrying

When I am accepting contracts it would be useful for me to immediately know how much space i have left in my cargo hold rather than having to run it through a calculator constantly.


I was thinking about this as well. My issue and angles are a bit different… but lead to the same place. I think the search tab should be the first tab but left empty by default. Having played for over a decade the amount of stuff I have and that has to load every time I use the assets tab lags my client out for a few seconds loading everything. I then usually end up going to either the search item or solar systems tabs… rarely I’ll go to the region or constellations tab if I’m looking for local stocks of items… but with the new search assets contextual menu options the old show me all my stuff has become a bit more redundant.

A second change related to the asset window I would like to see changed is how it refreshes randomly and can reset position to the top of the list during these resets.

If you got rid of the refreshes and random access to all your assets every time you load the Assets tab… how much computing power would the server cluster save?

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Ya SOMETHING needs to be done about BPO’s and BPC’s in this game. They are HUGE HUGE HUGE itemization sinks that cause long pauses as the client loads these big lists of assets. Can’t we store all these copies and their various iterations as arrays or matrices?

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I agree with this. If they want to fix performance then stop loading all my assets every time I open this window. Sometimes I just want to find a mining crystal not scrooge mcduck my vaste hordes of wealth and toys.


Dunno how “little thing” it is but somekind of ingame window that would allow me to read EVE World News within game:

I don’t think it would have to look or feel too complicated, just somekind of news feed. Would be very nice immersion wise, and new players could discover the lore of EVE easier this way :slight_smile:


It is practically impossible to give shares owned by a character to someone with a name as simple as mine. I just don’t show up in search and you can’t make it any more specific. Therefore I have three proposals:

  1. Add to “Give shares” window “Search by” criteria like in “Create contract” window
  2. Add “Give shares” to character right click menue (only as add on to abovementioned proposal)
  3. Allow to give shares from players back to corporation. At least the corporation that issued shares and maybe other corporations as well. This can be a workaround for my issue, but can be useful on it’s own.

Suggestion: Add a snap to grid option for planets and templates of infrastructure setups for easy placing of PI on new planets.
Keywords: UI, Planetary Production
Note: might be hard to implement I guess but would make things a hell of a lot faster.

Everytime I go to set up my PI I have to do the same manual song and dance of putting down each piece one by one, then linking, then having to set production and route it all. A way to store an exact template of it would be perfect and so much easier. A snap to grid option would also be extremely helpful to make sure Im not wasting that precious PG/CPU on links that are slightly longer than they need to be and to help standardise layouts.

Suggestion: Flip the logos on the faction rorq skins that are placed at the front of the ship
Keywords: Ships, Skins,
Note: Should be a straight forward fix but only affects a small amount of people.

Currently on the rorq the faction skins (guristas / angel / blood raider etc.) the logo on the very front of the ship faces the front of the hull but when I siege this makes the logo upside down and as small as it is, this absolutely triggers me and in my opinion it would make so much more sense to flip the logo upside down so when its sieged the faction logo is the correct orientation and it still wont look bad when the ship is unsieged.


NEOCOM request.

Hi, I would like to be able to choose to dock the neocom on the top or bottom of my screen, as well as moving the information panel from the top left to another spot on the screen, and have it align left/centre/right of my choice.


Try sharing 500 or 1000 BMs with more than 1 person and you will get why @Red_Frog_Rufen is requesting this feature.


Suggestion: value per item in industry window.
Key words: ui, industry
Notes: when building multiples of an item it would be great to see a per item value, both for a product and for the input materials.


Why would you need it? It has the same granularity as Supply Chain Management and Scientific Networking skills. It makes perfect sense that they are in sync.

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What have these skills to do with constellation range? I have a 15 system range with these skill. I need to know facilities within the constellation, not within 5, 10 or 15 systems range.

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These skills have nothing to do with Constellation range, you are right. I was just pointing out where current granularity comes from. It is linked to these skills. I was asking why do you need constellation range? IMO Constellations are pretty much useless for most situations including this one. What is the practical benefit of knowing facilities within constellation?

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Suggestion: unify HUD module rightclick menus
Keywords: UI

Currently the rightclick menus for the HUD modules are not all laid out in the same order. With some modules ‘auto repeat’ is on top, with others it is ‘overload’. Regardless there should be one ‘defined’ menu ordering with all modules sticking to it. The only difference between modules ought to be the leaving out of irrelevant things like, for many modules, reload.


:bulb: Absolutely +42

I can think of no applicable reason why having (space used) total space available (space left) would in any way, be a bad thing.

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Sometimes I want to know what is in my immediate surroundings to see where I can produce/refine/react better than in my current location with minimal effort. 5 jumps gives me tons of available structures in all sorts of places (In my random current place it’s 50 available structures with 5 jumps range, that’s way too many.) I just want to see my immediate surroundings, nothing else in certain circumstances. Furthermore, I can also filter out busy constellations like Kimotoro or Parud when I am in a neighboring constellation, which is not possible with Within X Jumps or skill range.

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Suggestion: Classify Bookmarks by Type/Subfolderize Bookmarks
Keywords: ui, navigation, bookmarks
Note: Helpful for keeping navigation right click menu more contextual

Being able to make your ‘personal locations’ folder more granular would be a big help and would keep the UI cleaner. i.e. if you had a series of mining locations in a system along with some pve and a load of combat ones (gate pounces and suchlike), it would be useful to have a master folder for each type and possibly colour coded (i.e. combat/orange, mining/white, pve/yellow, safes/cyan etc.) and within those having your location folders with their associated bookmarks. This would potentially make either the initial right click menu more compact or, more typically, the subfolders relevant to activity more compact so your navigation is potentially quicker.


Related to above

Suggestion: Multi-select right-click ‘move bookmarks to…’ option
Keywords: ui, navigation, bookmarks
Note: Helpful for organising and moving large qualtities of bookmarks around

I’m sure this has been asked for loads of times so I’m adding to the historic request: please add an option on the right click menu when mass-selecting bookmarks to be able to move them to a specific folder. Sometimes, when you have a lot of bookmarks of the same type, dragging them about to the required folder is just not feasible. This will save a ton of time organising bookmarks.


Suggestion: Save Route
Keywords: ui, autopilot
Note: When exploring for relic and data sites I often set a full circle route with a bunch of different waypoints that takes like 5 minutes to setup each time, would be nice to click the (A)utopilot top left and goto Save Current Route, give it a name , and then have the ability to Load Route and then be able to select the route, this is something that could easily be saved client side.