Add Galaxy News Section in the Agency Window for Better RP Integration


After a short talk between ISD and a few players in one of the official OOC channels for Roleplayers (as well as some communication in twitter before that, between a group of players and enthusiasts), an idea was born.

On the EVE online Community site, we can see the World News tab as well as Interstellar Correspondents tab, where we can see all kinds of In Character news, which is nice and helps with game immersion. However - these pages are not visible enough and do not introduce players into Roleplay, at least not in a sufficient way.

So the idea is simple:

Add a “Galaxy News” tab in the new Agency Window and program it to access the news shown on the Community site and display them in the Agency for players to read.

Implemented this way, there will be the standard Community page for viewing the news out-of-game, while the Agency functionality will allow for the news to be read ingame.

I am sure this will make Roleplay news more visible in the game and that will be like a invitation for more players to get into Roleplay - one really nice and engaging activity in EVE.

In addition, there would be some guidance in the Agency, that would teach the players into their first steps into Roleplay and point them to available materials and guides on the Forums. Like this one and this one.

This would require minimal effort from the developers and it would be really effective.

The new Agency Window is really nice, I like it a lot. There is some controversy about some of its functions regarding Exploration, but I guess we will have to wait and see how they affect the game. Other than that - great job done!

I hope you guys like the idea. Any support, critiques and comments are appreciated. :slight_smile:


Thanks for linking. <3

Way back when World News and other lore stuff (like new Chronicles published etc) used to be in the launcher window. They have since been removed, and since 2013 (I think) they have also been removed from the main news feed on the official site - you actually have to know where they are to find them, so new players usually don’t. I for one feel this takes away from the game.

Using the new Agency for this is a great idea.


I remember a long, long time ago, when I was a newbie, people actually talked about the world news in corp chat and occasionally even local and elsewhere. I remember this because my corpmates used to ask me about them since they knew I was a “lore buff”. While they weren’t dedicated roleplayers or read every chronicle out there, the in-character news still piqued their interest enough that they wanted to talk about them with me, and others. Back then, they were a part of the login/character selection screen, many people read them before properly logging in.

Nowadays you need to actually know where to find them if you want to read them because they are buried behind several clicks in a jungle of old and new web design, and in-character news are not part of the of the regular news feed any more. When you go to the main page, the news are here:

However, you will need to click the community button, then hover over news, then click news channels, and click once more to open world news to fnd the in-character news. Quite a far cry from how it used to be, and lots of clicking and having to actually know what you’re looking for, as linked in the OP.

I wholeheartedly endorse this topic and its suggestion.


Excellent idea. Even people who do not roleplay can find it interesting to follow the story in this game. Back when the Triglavians were still unrevealed some of my corpmates would keep asking me about the speculations and story hints there were going on.


Is there any in-game channel that has does the news? Like every hour posts recent news updates?


Not too my knowledge. There was a World News ticker on the screen in the CQ, and I miss something like that in the current client as well.


Me too, it added more depth to the game. Made the world feel more alive.


None dedicated for that purpose and alive, that I know, no. Various themed roleplaying channels do often include relevant (to the channel topic) or most recent news in their MOTD.


Yep great idea should make it more visible.


I support this. It is a good idea.



I overwhelmingly support this idea.


This idea gets my support too.

My recollection is that the CONCORD billboards by jump gates had news functionality too, but having just checked, this also seems to have been removed at some point.


You’re right, they did. I think it was removed when the In-Game Browser feature got axed.


It is nice to see the stories and info you guys shared. They show that in the past, when similar implementations for projecting the news were live, they used to work in a good direction. Having these examples is a good argument in favor of this small idea here. Good job! :heart:

I wonder… should I make a poll for collecting votes for this?


Well, I doubt it will help, but I guess it wouldn’t hurt either. Also, I’ve been thinking of making a mailing list for this purpose - that is, most recent new items would be mailed to the members, but I’m not sure who would be willing to spend the time and effort to do this to perpetuity.

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I like the idea for an ingame mailing list. It should be an automated thing. There are some bot programs that are used in Discord and Slack servers, to display the news as they are published. I guess that is not allowed for stuff ingame.

But yeah, the Agency is the best place to display the news, right on the spot. Will make a poll really quick.

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Here is a poll.

Simple question: Would you like to have a section in the Agency window, to display ingame news?

  • Yes!
  • No.

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Voting is anonymous, cause I don’t care how many alts you have. :wink:

This is one more way to show support, if you don’t feel like commenting or pressing the like button.

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I would err on the side of caution on using bots in-game yeah, even if it is “just” a mailing bot. Which would make the mailing list option “labour intensive.”

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Totally agree with your idea… Nothing is too much in order to increase immersion


This is a great idea!