Send me your news articles!

Hello all,

I created this alt to make news posts, which I wanted unassociated with my main for reasons of mystery. When searching for a character name that would well represent a news reporter, I was surprised to find such a good one still available. It occured to me that perhaps I could open up this name for others to use as well.

If you have a news article you would like posted anonymously (or not anonymously) I can post it for you, free of charge. Simply send an in game mail to this character with the article you want posted, and which forum you want it posted to (or even the news/gossip thread). All I ask is that you write up the post yourself so it is easy for me to copy and paste. Do not ask me to write an article about X. If you want there to be a certain formatting, format it as desired in the evemail and I will do my best to replicate it on the forum post.

I promise to keep an eye on the inbox and post any articles I am sent, when I can. I’ll try to do so in a timely manner but there may be circumstances where I can’t always get to it right away. Also, I reserve the right to refuse to post something sent to me for any reason, for example, if I feel it goes against the forum TOS. If I decide not to post something I will reply over evemail with why.

Your Scope News Reporter, reporting


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