Molden Heath News Network Needs You!

How do you do, fellow kids?

So, I see the first edition of Molden Heath news was warmly received by the community, which I am glad to see. So, what I have envisioned for it right now is that it is supposed to be worldbuilding, largely exploring the world capsuleers are mostly blind for. I was inspired by the idea that EVE has amazing technology its citizens take for granted, and that capsuleer stories are just a tip of the iceberg of all the stories in New Eden. This doesn’t mean that the news won’t touch upon capsuleer activites, just that they will not be the main focus of this effort.

So what I try to do with this news corporation is to bring additional, player created lore to the universe, of course trying my best to stay mindful of what is believable and not stepping on the toes of official lore.

As the name should imply, the stories will largely focus around Molden Heath but also Minmatar Republic in general. As the Drifter/Sleeper storyline seems to overwhelm other official lore, I feel that “local flavour” should be more prominent the story, even if it takes player creativity to do it.

Now, to the topic. This is all about worldbuilding, but if it is just done by me, it will be just my world. So I invite anyone who wants to contribute to throw their ideas in this thread, evemail me or @Teinyhr, whatever suits you best. I will then try to fashion your, and my own, ideas into news article format.
I also encourage others to create similar projects for their empire of choice, you’ll have me as an interested reader at least.

Thank you for your time.


Molden Heath

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