The New Eden Times is recruiting journalists/editors/designers. Apply to be the core driving force behind New Eden's brand new newspaper & news network!

Hello fellow capsuleers!
Do you love writing, passionate about the written word? Now’s your chance to take part in something new and unique!

The New Eden Times is a brand new newspaper & news network for EVE online. I currently am the sole member of this, and I need more passionate people to help and bring this vision into reality. The newspaper will be distributed via the in-game mailing list as a download link(or online reading). The newspaper will cover interesting stories, interviews and events, and everything that can be of interest to the readers.

Most likely there will be a very affordable subscription model(there will be a trial for you to see if you like it), depending on the release time of the issues. For example:

  • If daily release: 1M isk per day
  • If weekly release: 7M isk per week
  • If Montly release: 30M isk per month

Some good things to know in advance:

  • You don’t HAVE to leave your current corp in order to take part in this, you can write as a side activity. People who join my corp as full-time members will be rewarded more for their efforts.
  • The first issue is still under work. Right now, I’m considering whether to make this a daily/weekly or even monthly. All depends on the stories and interviews I can find.
  • I need talented people to help me construct and shape this vision into a worthy service for the community.
  • Most of the positions are PAID! (right now not as much as I’d like to, since I pay for everything and there is a limit to my resources). If the newspaper will be profitable(from donations and selling advertising space), the pay will only increase. Basically, don’t expect to plex your accounts solely from this.

What I’m looking for:

  • First and foremost, People who are passionate about journalism, writing, editing and designing.
  • People who can find interesting stories ranging from individual interviews, up to alliance and corporation-level scoops. Can be leaks, articles, or any other news related material. This is the core need of the corporation. The better the story you bring, the better your pay will be.
  • People who want to advertise in the issues - their services, corporation or anything else that fits. Very affordable rates.
  • Donations :slight_smile:

If you have ANY question, interest, concern or anything else you’d like to get clarification on, don’t hesitate to send me an eve-mail to my in game character: Koifman, or send me a reddit mail as well. I do my best to try and answer ASAP. I also have Discord: Koifman#7892.

Thank you!

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