New Eden NEWS

I was thinking about media in space - information is valuable. New Eden could have multiple digital newspaper agencies , founded by players, with reporters, publishers, marketers and bulletin deliverers (take this idea with a grain of salt, there’s so much place for improvement)
The mechanics should be these
:rocket: new ship class for reporters : fast, agile and small , fitted already with a modular camera, the modules being what are upgradable : zoom, clarity, focus and ability to seize an image before someone disrupts their gear. Reporters won’t be employed by the agency. Anyone can become a reporter.

The photography then classed in news :

if someone was camping - watch out ! Sector x, moon y, camper seen.

If someone killed someone else : info on who killed who, from what corp and what alliance.

As phtography gear gets better and better the more info will be then released based on phtots - lvl 1 -types of ships lvl 2 types of ships and weapons lvl 3 corp and alliance members and all of the above lvl 5 all the info including names of pilots.

And as i said info has price.

There would be an option to pay the news agency not to publish that.

The editors fall under that task. They review that info, publish it, sell it to the highest bidder or erase it, being paid not to publish it. (Agency member)

Publishers are those who put all the info and images on the digital paper, choosing layouts, ( from b&w and low quality images (pixelated) to full color and video bulletin boards. As publishers get more experience, the digital newspaper agency unlocks marketer spots and marketing pages where people advertise their services, alliance recruitment, products, corporation tasks, special contracts etc.(agency members)

Bulletin deliverers, not members of the agency, should be haulers contracted to sell these digital newspapers .

The number of publications are limited and so is the range of where they can publish it. More agency affiliates scattered through the system , the more money they make - plans are - daily/ weekely / monthly/ annualy, with fees set by the agency accordingly.
There will be a hard limit of number of publishing, acces to paied plans and other things, depending on the number of people who are subscribed, region (highsec, low sec , population) and level of the agency mebers (mastery 1-5)

The digital newspaper will be crafted in house, by gathering new types of items : oled paper, digital graphite, color digital ink and plastic-carbon covers.
These should be blueprinted in industry. If they don’t have these, they can’t publish, making a new occupation for alphas , as the resources should be easy to get hard to refine effiently, moderatly hard to craft and moderatly priced.

The item itself - the digital newspaper should be a consumable, available only to those who pay for it. Once oppened it will be available to read for 12h, with no ability to copy the info.

As of agency facilities there should be :
Agency base and afiliate agencies bases, hangar, printing and crafting facilities, and depots for storing and delivering .

Please feel free to comment, add or change these ideas to your liking.

Already all achieved by player agency without needing anything special made to facilitate.

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