[NEMA Press Release] Paid Positions for Reporters

Hey there, IGS!

My name is Maverick Destro, Executor of NEMA and publisher of the upcoming NEMA Quarterly Report. We plan on covering many aspects of life in New Eden. We want to bring the cultures of New Eden to every corner of the cluster. We want to deliver stories that create impact, opinion that stirs debate, and the news that capsuleers can use!

I know a lot of people come to ask for services for free on IGS. They want a donation of some sort, sometimes a hand-out. That’s not what we’re proposing here. We run a business.

We will pay 50-100 million ISK for every story submitted to us that meets some very basic criteria:

  • Minimal editing required
  • Sources if presenting materials as fact
  • A willingness to promote your material

BONUS: Since I need the following material on a short deadline, I’ll double that payment for the first quarter. That’s right, this one time only deal will net you anywhere from 100-200 million ISK per story.

For the first issue, as you can see by the cover, we already have our first round of story prompts. These are the stories we want to read and publish:

"Watch Your Six: Trigs Have Invaded" - A down and dirty look at the events that have transpired since the Trig invasion began, what they may want, and how to protect yourself

"Why CODE. is good for Business" - It’s low-hanging fruit to paint CODE. as the complete bad guy. They do punish a lot of horrendous behavior. However, as an industrialist, any ship destruction is good for business in a myriad of ways. We want to know how they help keep the economy going.

"Is Concord doing their Job in High-Security space?" - A straight opinion piece on Concord and their response times to criminal aggression.

"Faction Warfare Update" - The back and forth of the Empyrean Wars has been raging at a fever pitch for years, but now, a strange truce has come into being to stop fake loyalists from reaping the benefits of war. This will be a summarized look at the current FW affair occuring between the Amarr-Minmatar Militas.

"Null Sov Report" - What’s happening in the BBD?

If this sounds as if it’s of interest to you, please contact me via my NEOCOM address. I need first drafts no later than mid-November.

ADDITIONALLY: If you have a good idea for a story that I didn’t mention, we want to know and we’re willing to pay!

Want to advertise? We charge super-reasonable rates for pre-designed ad placement. Contact us for further info!

I hope to hear from you soon!


If my schedule allows, I may be able to assist here…


Wonderful! If you need any help or advice on my end when/if you find the time, please let me know. We should schedule a time to chat, if you wish.

Because exploding ships create the need to build more.

Can I have my 100 million ISK now?

If I were trying to publish a children’s book and not actual news-worthy material, yes. However, our children’s publishing side of the house hasn’t opened it’s doors yet. I’ll let you know when we need material of your caliber. :wink:

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Well, I’m just saying, the end result will be the same with just more words.

EDIT: I’d also argue that picking CODE. for such an article’s lynchpin is also low hanging fruit, they’re not the only group that preys upon targets that can’t fight back. So if you’re shooting for the moon, maybe task someone to find a lesser known but succesful “industry mover” group.

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Perhaps a bit of thought and intelligence, as well. I’m shooting for the moon with this launch.

Are you kidding me?
What’s next? Why Blood Raiders are good for Business?
Why Sansha are good for Business?
Why Rogue Drones are good for Business?
Why mass slaughter is good for Business?

I am requesting an independent review of activities of that Press and recommend Authorities to close them on suspicion on deals with manslaughtering cult.

It’s an opinion piece, not an endorsement. You are Caldari, yes? You understand this is intended to make a profit, yes?

I understand, Ms. Kim, that you are blinded by your allegiance to the State, but there are other opinions than yours and we recognize no authority that you support.

I do hope you subscribe, though.


Technically it could be argued that killing ore collecting ships and transport ships is what ruins the business.
On this point of view PIRAT is way better for business than CODE.


Sounds like you offer a counter-opinion. I’d love to read and publish that.

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I’d much rather read that than yet another CODE. wank-piece.


Again, a story about an organization does not mean an endorsement of said organization. The intent is to get readers.

None of you actually know about writing or PR or marketing, do you? I’m not trying to be rude, but you’re arguing that opinions should be restricted to those that agree with your cognitive biases. I argue that all opinions should be heard.

It’s called the free press. Good thing we’re in Gallente space where they value that sort of idea.

I argued nothing of the sort. I’m merely saying I’m tired of hearing about CODE., and I doubt I’m the only one. They autofellate themselves all the time, they really don’t need everyone else to do it for them too. Maybe you’ll get more readers if you invested efforts into something more inventive.

But as said it’s free press, so do what you want.


Based on the traffic generated on a daily basis in C&P and General Discussion on the NEOCOM feeds, I would disagree. In fact, I would like to know more about the way the organization actually operates and how the people affected by the organization feel in a measured and sensible way, instead of the general clamor of the feeds.

I invite you to submit whatever story you think the readership of the cluster might enjoy.

Yes, I am a Caldari, but not a filthy gurista who would consider senseless manslaughter as a mean of “Business” or another dumb Cartel “businessman” pretending to be legal. Maybe I should organize you a meeting with some gurista who shall just barge into your home, murder everyone of your family on the way and just take all you posession, because it will be “just making a profit, nothing personal”, is that what you implied?

Daring to speak about me being “blinded”, look at yourself now, did you though about that scenario? Would you still praise these guristas for being good for Business after they murder your family and rob you blind, would you?

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As you have proven time and again, Ms. Kim, you are a reactionary zealot who toes the line. Nothing more, and nothing less.

I don’t need your help meeting Guristas. I’ve met plenty on my own. I’ve embedded in their organization so that I could hear their stories. That’s planned for a future issue.

You are quite blind, Ms. Kim, when you feel that a story should be smothered because you don’t like the information it presents.


Maybe I will.

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We would absolutely welcome it, my dear. :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh, I see. So, basically, it means you’re a collaborator with criminals and just loudmouth those who follow law and object against your tolerance of mass senseless slaughter?

Doesn’t make me blind though, but surely makes you an amoral criminal scum. That I can see rather clear now.