CCPlease: World News In the Launcher

And in-game, too. At least in the CQ, we had a way to get the news feed from the Scope and various channels, but now? Now, unless you already know where to look for in-game news events, you never find out about them.

Last fall, resentment and argument between an NPC and a player erupted in the deathglow attack on Kahah III, surrounding the Crimson Harvest, and then on the attacks on 5 different worlds directly around Amarr. Over a hundred players fighting in organized fleets in highsec.

Did anyone know about it? Was there a viable way for anyone to find out about it if they weren’t already part of that group of players?

You guys want the story of the empires to actually mean something. You want it to actually be a part of the game, and not just the thing our more idiotic players mock and laugh at. So make it part of the game. Make it something there is some way for people to find out about.

People can’t get involved in a part of the game they don’t even know exists. Give us ways to get the world news… CCPlease.


Instead of the redundant local zone announcement redundantly informing us of the name of the zone we just jumped into… what if local chat had a local action report indicating nearest hot zones of activity?

Well, keep in mind that that would pretty quickly become an intelligence tool… and that notification is actually just telling you what channel you’ve moved into in the chat system.

But at the very least, ‘Navigational Alerts’ warning of areas of sustained Time Dilation (more than 50% for more than 10 minutes) would be a lot of help just in terms of helping people who aren’t part of the fighting stay away and not get bogged down.

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You mean like the map?

No, he means more direct push-style notifications that you don’t have to go looking for.

It is too much to open the map so you want duplicate interfaces?

Is it too much to ask for multiple vectors for the same information? Do you still send all your correspondences via postal service, or have you taken up the telephone, email, internet forums, and text messaging?

Ah, but who am I kidding? It’s a Salt Foambreaker post, it’s guaranteed to be negative and crapping all over peoples’ ideas.

multiple vectors = duplicate interfaces

Word games.

You act like I somehow claimed it wasn’t. Now address the next sentence in that post.

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