CCP: Please inform players of ongoing connectivity issues in launcher

It would have saved me a lot of trouble if CCP had informed everyone of the connectivity issues in the launcher when it started a week ago…like they have always done in the past… By not doing that this time, it sent me and many other players on a wild goose chase trying to troubleshoot our internet connections…


Maybe they can post a link to the eve_status twitter in the news section of the launcher?
I mean something like the “fight or flight” ad in the launcher.

Why did you not first think of checking reddit, or the forums? Looking for information is literally the first thing to do.

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I’ll field this one.

The launcher is not only there to make logging in a PITA. And it’s not only there to shill stuff from CCP/PA. It’s there (or should be there) to keep players apprised of issues with the game in the first place players go when they feel inclined to play the game.

You know…news. Important news. News like an alleged DDOS situation. Needing to visit a bunch of random social media sites to get that news kind of defeats one of the prime selling points we were given back when CCP was pushing this infomercial they call a launcher on us.

So, yeah. I’m with the OP on this one.


Why would/should people do that? the issue description should be on the launcher instead of another silly Eve fan (having less fans by the hour anyway) fest ad


Maybe they would do it cos they want to know things and are grown up enough to know there is information posted on various outlets that do not require you to be at, and using, the device you have the game installed on?

Just a thought.

You cannot stress that enough. It would also officially demonstrate that CCP are actually doing something. Instead we are getting bombarded with useless NES ads.

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What are you thinking?! This would take away valuable ad space where you can shove the latest discount on SP into your customers face.

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Because he himself even said he went into “troubleshooting mode”, yet forgot the Number 1 thing to do when someone starts troubleshooting: Checking the internet if others are affected as well. I was commenting regarding him personally, not generally.

Please see above paragraph.

Regarding the launcher do I believe that it would be useless, unless people are being forced to take notice. Otherwise they’ll just ignore it. I’m not saying you’re wrong when it comes to informing people, but that I doubt that it’d help if it was shown on the launcher unless people can’t avoid it.

Well, CCP did respond to this post and put something up in the launcher today… I initially did come here to the forums, didn’t see anything, posted the issue in General Discussion, and was immediately attacked by trolls with no answer to what I posted… Regardless, I think this DDoS attack should have been front and center in the launcher when it first started instead of making players search for the problem, IMO…


Please inform people on the MAIN WEB PAGE of the game,
and on the Main Page of the Forum.

no i dont expect ccp can understand this… too difficult for company with “17yrs of gamedev experience”…

let users dig proper discussion in the “Communications Center”… or in “Information Portal” (which is not a portal, and it does not have any information)… somewhere between "Economical report for September " and “New skins for game you can’t login”

Slightly different perspective, in that there is value for customers in having the information on a separate platform (eg. twitter @EVE_Status):

  1. Several people over at reddit can’t login to the forum either at the moment
  2. Social media allows us to check the status via our phone, even before we sit at our computer
  3. Since the website and forums are hosted on the same server infrastructure as TQ, if something catastrophic occurs, there won’t be any information available, which will leave people frustrated

Posting updates via twitter gives CCP a better chance of getting information to people, since both platforms are unlikely to ever go down at the same time, so if there is an issue with the game, CCP will always have a way to get information to players, and they leverage off the distributed infrastructure that twitter uses.

It might seem like a PITA, especially for non-twitter users, but there is actually good reason to diversify the comms risk that way.

" … put link to That Twitter in the header of the Main Web Page…"

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It’s already at the bottom of the main webpage (though requires 2 clicks to get to the eve_status account, from the main eve_online twitter account). The top of the page would be better.

They’ve also placed a link to the forum megathread pretty prominently on the support portal.

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