Working on not being able to play for 2 weeks now

Hey CCP, what am I missing here.
Does fixing an issue require a certain percentage of players to have the same issue?
I have looked everywhere and I see the same reoccurring issue. reddit, this forum, facebook, blogs, all players having similar issues and a complete lack of support and communication.
I have been patient, I check my emails daily, hoping for something from you. I monitor all the sites to look for some sort fix. I play with deleting, uninstalling, beta, release, searching the errors that populate in the logs. I understand that things happen, I understand that one day I will login and it will work correctly, but what I don’t understand is the complete lack of communication.
Any kind of answer is fine by me. “We are working on it” “we are not sure what is happening” “ionospheric scintillation is causing the launcher to fail” “global warming is causing it”

But to seemly do nothing about it bothers me.
Now I’ve seen some GM’s pop on and offer assistance and that’s awesome, thanks.
Now, unlike another poster (which you closed the topic), I am not swearing, making threats, or anything like that…
I just want someone to give me an answer, a timeline for a correction, a big warm hug and someone to whisper in my ear “everything is going to be ok”

The logs… they reveal nothing.


Thank you GM Mechanic!!!
I’m up and running again and the fault was my own.

So it was part of the “CCP EXEFILE is no working” crash problem that many seem to have? If so how did you fix it?

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