Unable to log in

Why are we still encountering log in issues. This has been going on for multiple days. Is CCP going to compensate its customers for the continuing problems. Some of us have limited times play and on the weekend and the continued log in problems is disturbing. I tried logging in this morning 4/30/18 at 0744 CST and it just stops working.


o/ Thomas. I also am having these issues and after multiple tries, I can finally log in. someone suggested switching to Beta version so I tried it and it worked altho it doesn’t feel “stable”. I am going to become a ‘squeaky wheel’ until this launcher issue is resolved. I have sent in a bug report will LogLite files and “the DeBugger” sent me a message back that it was a “Customer Support” issue. Now I cannot even get the bug Report to accept my files. I also am frustrated with this situation. How do we get someone to listen?

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