Log In Issue

Hi there!

Back to eve again. Installed the launcher and the game. But could not log in. Uninstalled and reinstalled all again. Didn’t help.
Update: Could log in on test server without any issues but live server still same

Update 2: Help Center, Submit Support ticket do not work.

UPDATE 3: Don’t know how but I could log in and play a bit yesterday. Today have the same issue and again cannot log in. Received an email from Senior GM Mechanic and as per his request sent LogLite file and Powershell file by email, because cannot log in support.eveonline.com.!

I have the same issue, I can login on the website but using the exact same info on the launcher doesn’t work. It says I have the wrong username and password. I even tried changing the pw to no avail.

I started having this same issue last night. Were you able to get it resolved?

I have sent an email to eve support since the support ticket link is not working for me. Not sure what could be wrong. I logged off the game for a couple hours, I didn’t even close the launcher, and when I tried to log back in this issues was happening.

For those having issue submitting support tickets via the web site, please send an email to support@eveonline.com which will also create a ticket.

Not sure if this helps, but I was able to log in using a VPN. With out the VPN still get the same issues. Using the VPN fixed both the log in issues and the website.

I sent an e-mail 3 days ago on 15th may 2020.

I use two different networks depending on my location, so I have this problem only on one, the other one works (connects) without any issues.

Unfortunately not.

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