Log in issues

Hello, do not know if I’m right here. Try to log into the game for minutes, but I will not succeed. I enter user name and password, but nothing happens. Customer support is poor. Can someone help me please? Would be grateful for any help.

Update: I wrote an email to support@eveonline.com, maybe something good / meaningful will happen.

-------- delete the GM correspondance ---------

Btw: I hope that will help everyone who has the same problem. I do not enjoy this here!!

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You are not allowed to post GM correspondance. This thread will get locked if you do that.

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Oh, I honestly did not know that. I just wanted to give help to others who have the same problem. I do not post GM correspondance anymore. Thanks for the hint, Solonius

As soon as I have a solution I will post it here

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Hello, you might find a solution to your problem in this forum:


Good luck.

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Hello DeMichael,

i have the launcher “updated” to beta, now the login works fine.

Thanks for your help.

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