I can log in into the game - authentication issues?

Like i said i cant log in at all.

Well i cant open support page to write ticket because site pop up as a white page woith blue lins and they dont work. Yesterday game wored fine - today not at all…

You can submit a ticket via the website

I cant i said the website isnt working looks like that: and link submit ticket isnt working :frowning:

something on your end then, or between you and CCP… i can log in and get on the site at the same time.

Seem to have the same issue today, was fine this morning, logged off now can open launcher but cant log onto any characters or the help ?

Reboot your Router. I had that several times in the past. Seems like CCP is changing IP Adresses randpomly to avoid DDoS Attacks. Most of the time my router sticks to the old Records. After Reboot everything is fine. Also: If you are running a Pi-Hole, restart the DNS Service there. Should fix it.

re-BOOT.ini ?