EVE News – Website update

That layout is very confusing. There is no sorting, no categories. Users have to sort things themselves instead of having at least some basic categories presented to them. Ads and news are mixed together and ads are not even marked as such to filter them out. There is only 1 line of filter items visible instead of a few lines to present more options right away so that people do not have to click to see more filter options.

All in all: Who was the intern that made this mess?

Is CCP going to do the same before they dish out not thought through changes to the game? 15 minutes of pause before you hit update on the server would be a huge benefit for EVE as a whole. No? Thought so,


This. :point_up_2:

Couldn’t help but notice the in-universe news got shafted again, the previous iteration is about, IDK, 3 website redesigns behind?


You guys do know the current forum activity is nowhere near what it use to be, right? All this will do is drive even more players away from these forums.

Anyway, I tried to edit an existing reply and got this on-screen pop-up:

This topic is in slow mode. To encourage thoughtful, considered discussion, editing old posts is not currently allowed.

Soo, the 15 minute ‘slow mode’ delay not only pertains to posting, but also for editing as well.

Just exactly what do you guys think this will accomplish? Prevent forum flame wars from happening and keep thread topics on track?



New EVE News Website! With an ‘in-game events!’ button! Still not even a damned LINK to the actual in-game World News channel.

But hey! We’ve gotten our first World News entry in three months (which has the cheek to include a ‘nothing happened on this story for months and people demand to know WTF’ line-item. Truly some meta commentary, @CCP_Delegate_Zero ).


Think first? That’s preposterous!


–Inquiring Gadgets want to know


And it stifles any kind of back-and-forth discussions that might help flesh out feedback and give a fuller, more contextual picture of what people are talking about. That’s why there’s only 80 replies in the feedback thread for the patch this week, when normally, even a nothingburger patch with very little controversial content would be up to 3-400.

The reason it stifles these discussions is that well, life happens. 15m means people post something, then wander off, either physically or attention-wise. And this being the internet and all, once their attention shifts, it probably doesn’t wander back. But then, you’ve already wandered off, and won’t be reading any of the rest of this topic, either.

Small link, just under the search field, on what would be the top right ,f, you know, the top half of the screen weren’t taken up by an ad for the game whose website we’re already at.

BTW, CCP, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but everyone else puts the huge ad for the latest expansion on the main page of the website, and then when you go to the ‘news’ section… it’s actually the news articles, not another damned ad for the current expansion. Because people already saw that. And, you know, not for nothing? But those ads are animated, they do something to grab and hold the viewer’s attention, to be visually engaging, instead of just sitting there taking up 50% of the screen real estate for that window.

And then you immediately drop the ad carousel from the launcher onto the page. Please, please, stop making everything into an advertisement. All it does is annoy people.


slomo feedbackmode means:
if its not happen on the forums it did not happen and shut up and gimme your money.

This is just one more comment to ask “but errm what about the in-universe news?”


I guess I gotta apply Hanlon’s Razor here, but this article looks a bit like it is trolling those interested in news from New Eden:

Newsworthy Capsuleers […] ready to serve all Capsuleers eager to hear the latest from New Eden! […] and news items, dev blogs, and all other content are now all combined into a single, chronologically ordered feed

…I mean, a half in character article referring to EVE as New Eden…
And then (again) not even having a link to in-universe news from New Eden…
That’s not really “all other content”, is it, CCP? :disappointed:

The IC (https://community.eveonline.com/news/news-channels/interstellar-correspondents/) stuff is also missing…again.

Also, kind of ironic, but in part due to the screen real estate management criticized by @Arrendis, going to EVE Online News - Updates, blogs, events, patch notes & more will give you a quicker overview of the most recent news. Even more ironic: hitting the “Older” “filter” of the archive (actually a link to the previous news page that does not actually filter out news published after 2015, so you will have to go to page 107 (at time of this writing) to find the first pre-2016 articles) also leads to a page which shows you the latest news article without the need to scroll down.

More archive troubles: the 2017 and 2016 filters are only showing results linking to The Scope videos.

There is no functional dev-blog filter, while there are two filters (#future-updates and #development-updates) that both show the same single article.

So all in all at first glances, this new news page is worse than the old one…again. and it does not even seem finished enough to replace the old one…I’m guessing that is why he’s so sad.

The only thing I can see for now that is better, is that it is easier to access the patch notes.


Honestly, more and more it feels like they just don’t give a damn, anymore. The guy they’ve put in charge of all of EVE development was openly speculating, on stream, about whether or not capsuleer economic scarcity might drive the Empire to attack the State, their only ally in the cluster.

I hope I’m wrong on that, but… that’s the image they’re conveying.


I think its more a case of the new dev’s coming in and treating Eve as just another game / just another job. They don’t have any passion about the game world / lore. Its just, fluff to them.


Rattati’s been with the company for more than a decade.

Where can we get those suits?


What with the READ NEWS button on bilboards in space?

Anybody at CCP having power to link things?

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Slow mode sounds like you want to turn the forums into Twitter: Read the original post, fire off a reply, then forget the thread existed at all.


You forgot to put the important news - the in-world news.

You have one of the most immersive game worlds/universes ever, please don’t keep the information about it so hard to find. Get the game world news on your new site (and on the launcher, tbh).


The news is an in-game news report, so wouldn’t it more prevalent to have it in game? What about using the login screen or The Agency window, that’s what they are there for right?

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Why not all of them? It’s like the nonsense w/the Expert Systems’ info not being on the page where you go to buy the Expert System—if you want to inform people, you put the information out there through as many different avenues as possible.

If you don’t want people to know… you act like CCP.