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Does anyone else see the utter irony in introducing a news site in slow mode? I call that par for the course for recent history.


That’s how it used to be until they redesigned the login window in… 2009’ish? News used to be in the character selection window - both the game related news and in-universe news. I can only assume someone decided that was supposedly “confusing” and they were removed.
I’ve mentioned in several other topics before, but going to say it again, back then it got people involved in the lore of their factions, even if they didn’t specifically roleplay / consider themselves roleplayers. My first corp, my corpmates used to ask me about stuff they read in the login window as they knew I was a bit more invested in that than most in our corp. And it was nice, and I gladly answered to the best of my abilities.

Then again, we also used to get chronicles that deepened the game’s lore every other week. Somewhere around 2010, give or take a year, I don’t know what happened but CCP’s management started to treat the lore as an afterthought, or so it definetly feels like.

I firmly believe the only reason we get any lore besides the bare minimum for the latest expansion at all is because of a handful of passionate devs who I assume have to duel some project managers for permission to post in-game news or add new flavour items.



so… @CCP_Dopamine @CCP_Aurora @CCP_Fleebix … I’ll echo what some others have said in far more well put together ways than I currently can, why does ‘World News’ remain shafted, out of date, and three site iterations behind the rest of it?

If this is supposed to be a unified portal for all game related news, its already failed on launch, as a major part of game related news remains in the background and hard to access for the majority of players, many of which likely aren’t even aware that it remains in existence because its on the old community site ffs.

I was incredibly excited about this at first, really, I was. I thought, that finally things would be in one place to work through, both the out of character and in-character news, to be accessed readily by someone who might go searching… but its not. I’ve spoken to some at CCP in regard to this tangentially who have said that lore and the ongoing universe remains a passion and major aspect of internal culture at CCP but it certainly does not feel like it, outside looking in and how certain things are broached, such as this.


I think we are going to have to accept that this is just them telling us want we want to hear. Its almost like they will agree with what anyone that talks to them says.

I seem to remember something Hilmar said, around the time of Incarna. Something along the lines of “watch what they do not what they say”.

In regard to lore and the on going storyline I think from their actions (or rather lack of them) that it has been abandoned.


lore developments continue to occur, particularly thanks to the efforts of @CCP_Delegate_Zero and I do believe CCP Loki as well and some of the remaining ISD NEC(and I mean things beyond trigs), but I do agree that things are seeming a fair bit neglected


It’s ridiculous, and a shame, all at once. From what we’ve been told in the past, they keep ignoring the World News content because it was never migrated over to their new storage format—not even the new stuff, for some reason, which should just be going straight into the new format. That’s something that they should be able to do in 10 minutes with a script. Or if they can’t, screw it, let us migrate the damned articles over by hand.

When TheMittani.com switched over to being INN, we tossed out the homebrew back-end and went with WordPress. That meant we had to migrate a few thousand articles over, and because of some of the quirks of the TMC codebase, it all had to be done by hand., including tags, art, publication date, authorship, etc.

I got asked today on Push To Talk if I’d be willing to do the same thing w/this stuff if CCP threw the right amount of money at me. I don’t know what that amount of money would be, but hell with it. Yeah, I would, just to get it done already, like it should’ve been done 3 website redesigns ago.


While I’m at it…

This. So very much this. If CCP is at all serious about the unfolding story of events in New Eden, they need to actually staff up their story department. Then, y’know, actually have a story that’s more than ‘what new shiny are the developers tossing in and how do we justify it?’ And I get that quite a lot of people don’t give a damn about any of the lore stuff. You know what? Those people won’t give any less of a damn if CCP hires more people so they can actually get back to doing numerous, well-designed and well-run live events.

They might gripe more, sure. But they’ll be doing nothing they aren’t already doing whenever they pop up to complain about how dare CCP have the Art team doing art instead of working on game features—but only the game features they like, because game features they don’t like, no matter how popular they are with other players, are all trash and a waste of developer man-hours.

In other words, they’ll be just as easy to ignore. Easier, even, than it is to ignore us, and we can all see how easy that’s been.

Speaking of how CCP actually pays attention to things and is honestly acting in good faith to promote thoughtful discussion and not just ignoring us as they try to get us all to shut the hell up and go away…

48 hrs later…


Because we really needed to slow down this rollicking chaos of now 48 posts, and @CCP_Dopamine is totally still paying attention to the thread.


Just checking the slow mode removal, not spamming.

OK, let the flood gates of comments be open! :grinning:

I like the new format for this and the support pages. It is taking a bit of time for me to get use to it… old dawg and new tricks! :wink: Thanks

Some feedback on the new news:

Image backgrounds for text is bad. The dark star background is quite subtle but it is still unnecessary visual noise that makes text harder to read.

Animations are bad. Mouse hoover animations are perhaps the worst type of anination that plagues websites.
You go and try to click a news link. You see where the link is. You move the mouse on it.
But then everything fails because the link moved, you need to readjust the mouse movement on the fly and the day is ruined.
Placing extra information behind mouse hoover animation is really bad too.
The animation is not particularly efficient either. Moving the mouse around the page causes Firefox to max out one CPU thread.

The tiled presentation feels messy. It seems like unordered scattered objects.
Some roes have different number of objects, some objects are bigger, some are smaller. Some of them have extra “ads” on left or right of them causing them to not be even on same vertical space. It is a mess.

There is a “essential posts” list.
This list is placed full screen height down. You need to scroll through three rows of news before you even see it. This thing should be at the very top.

The news themself arent at the top either.
The firt thing on the page is a link to a trailer.
The news page. Where the news are not the main object of interest.


For some feedback on the actual news site: I see you only have stuff up until 2016 on the new news site. Anything older is on yet another older part of the website - which, until recently of course was the newest iteration.

CCPls, why do you do this? Is there any plans to import and integrate all of the older news on this new site? Or will you keep hosting different websites for everything in a whole generic sort of mismash forever? The whole of EVE’s website is a mix of website design from 2005-2008-2011-2015-2021 at least, depending on what part of the websites you are visiting. I think account management is from 2012 with stuff from 2018 added. Community site is from 2007 or so? And so on.
I can only imagine how frustrating this is for your webmaster.


I’m not always in game. I can snark on the boards between tasks at work or over lunch, when actually playing would be a no-no.

–Gadget does occasionally take tea

It’s a well know fact our feedback is logged and not acted upon. I don’t know where that went wrong but you’re like Activision but you blog more.

Edit: Make the site possible read with a screen reader. It’s 2021 and there’s zero excuse for it considering it adds very little webdev time. Also, the colour scheme doesn’t suit all major forms of colour blindness and again, not a lot of effort.

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Is this how it is intended to be seen? I mean, anybody find it normal? (Also, what dev.blogs are doing in the news?)

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Well, I do believe this will be my first on the forums. The thing I enjoy reading the most, the World News, seems to be completely missing, as was mentioned in above posts. You have a world news site, which is out of date, since the newest entry from a few days ago isn’t even on that. You have to go into the forums, in the Intergalactic Summit to find the latest world news. Since World News is missing, I’ll probably wind up not using the new news site all that often.

It still kind of makes me sad that I only heard about the forums and world news from other players, rather then through something official. It is your game, lore, and forums after all, I would have thought there would at least be a link to world news or the forums somewhere. Looking at the main website, I didn’t realize the forums existed for the first few months I played.


Cause if there is a problem the G-man simply runs away.

Actually the g-man causes the problems in the first place. :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty sure a large enough group of us would volunteer to do it out of nothing but love and bittervet.