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Like I said, I have no idea what the right amount of money would be, for me. It starts at $0.00, but goes up once there’s a certain threshold of bullcrap I have to deal with in the process. :wink:


In lore, Amarr and Caldari are allied out of convenience and, if, that “convenience” run out, whot stop the empire to steam roll caldari ? the state did a terrible job in defending their territory against Zorya Triglav while the Amarr Empire did an excellent job at it.

Beside the amarr rule almost 50% of high sec, whot stop them to get more then that ?

In lore, the Amarr and Caldari have a mutual defense pact, because if they start shooting one another, the Federation and Republic can choose ‘let’s defend the State against the massive expansionist power’. Since the Empire and the Fed have rough parity, that’d completely re-order the cosmopolitical landscape, and while the State would probably shoot at the Fed as soon as the Empire’s ships weren’t on-field anymore, the Amarr really don’t want to have try to defend the entire length of their border simultaneously.

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Just want to chime in here that we’re very happy to receive this excellent and constructive feedback. We want to harness the news section into the diamond that it should be and your feedback is invaluable in that effort. We also hear your calls regarding the World News and we’ll take it forward.

Thanks everyone, and keep it coming.


May I suggest you start working? Yesterday, I could at least see the Anywhere in the news header picture. Today the page looks like this:

This is happening in all news articles.

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Yeah gonna take Hilmar’s words for this “watch what they do not what they say”.


Put a reminder on it.


Given the level of sophistication that exists in most textual conversion engines I would have expected that software could topic-map and create meta-data tags for you based on that old content. It probably shouldn’t be a manual process if you use a semi-intelligent tool to mine them for the search keys??

I’m pretty sure they could find five volunteers who would tag all the content in a spreadsheet. They would not be in contact with each other so ccp could crosscheck them to see how valid the tags are. If all seems good one of the volunteers could apply the tags or worst case an ISD or whoever has access, once figured out it shouldn’t take too long even for an ISD just in case they don’t want to give tagging permission to outsider volunteers to their news system. Dunno just a thought but I’m sure it can be done one way or another even if they have very limited time to dedicate to it.

The issue with the header pictures not fully showing up is still an issue. How hard can it possibly be for a developer with knowledge to fix the maxheight CSS setting from 850 to 1050? I did it and I have no idea what I am doing at all and this fixed the issue in 1 minute.


Can you guys at least try to have more news than ads on the EVE Online News web page? That’s what? 1 actual news item? If I scroll down, I get a second from @CCP_Fleebix, but it’s sandwiched between two more advertisements for crap you want me to spend money on… and then an ad for the partnership program, 2 news items (one of which is ‘new news website!’) then an ad for a stream, and then another ad for crap you’re selling.

So, let’s recap: 9d after the website redesign and announcement by @CCP_Dopamine, we’ve got 4 news stories, 8 advertisements, and the Ad Carousel on the first page of the EVE Online News Webpage. Literally twice as many ads as news stories.


Can we have some goddamned news already, or should we just start calling it the EVE Online Product Placement Webpage?

To say nothing of the (already mentioned by half a dozen people) lack of even a damned link to World News - EVE Community and the horrible freaking idiocy of the tag system. I mean, clicking on ‘future updates’ gets you… a single news story from December about the Mac OS client. So much for ‘future updates’.


First time I took a more careful look at the EVE Online News - updates, blogs, events, patch notes & more front page.
All I can say - I don’t want to see that website again. Ever. The worst impression of a viral underrated would-be-news site advertising “Best way to lose fat is to just…” and the likes. Wanna vomit. Literally.

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not accepting connections yet

I did. 25 days and counting.

Next reminder set to 50 days, another 25 days from now. Cheers!


't will be springtime then. The flowers will have poked their heads through the snowy blanket that veils our earth. With spring comes life, and hope.
Let us see what spring will bring to us.

Stay off Burger’s coffee, Fleebix. That stuff poisons your very soul.

I’ve known Burger since we were in kindergarten so I guess we’ve been sipping from the same coffeepot for a while :coffee:

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Dude, is it still just a matter of the world news not being in the new archiving system? What, exactly, is preventing it? Tell us, and you know, we might be able to provide ways to get around that.

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Why do such things need to be so vague ( .___.)