Way to go CCP

Skilling Spree’s do not help newbies catch up. Why not? Because if the newbies can do them then the vets can also do them as well.

The whining of the carebears is an amusing thing.

It like when Cartman complained to his mother every time another child got something that he didn’t because he was so used to being given everything.


Bittervets crying over anything that could let newbies catch up. :joy: :rofl: :upside_down_face:

Newbies are the future of EVE, bittervets are dying. CCP wants us more than you and you cry.

What I don’t understand is how there can possibly be carebear bittervets. Seems to me that never trying anything more than HS missions would bore someone into quitting long before becoming a bittervet.

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So buff highsec missions so newbies can afford to play.

Vote here for better highsec: Make highsec better

And for highsec capitals so highsec can be equal and do level 5 missions: Allow full access to capitals in highsec combined with a broad ehp nerf across all capital hulls

You do understand that if newbies could easily pay for subscription by playing the game, then price of PLEX will start to rise up until not so many newbies consume them anymore? Why do you want inflation now?

Why do null players get to afford PLEX? Highsec needs to be equal and CCP should sell PLEX for ISK to keep prices affordable.

Because they have alts in WTM and TDF?

Because null pvp griefers run the CSM. I am going to fix that and make highsec great again.

You should have played back when you had to wait 2 years to get into a ship, with no boosts
no skill points injectors, no help. no nothing.

you can pvp with 500,000 sp

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I wish I had an isk for every time Ive heard this

RIP Salvos.

Why would CCP want to drastically reduce their income?

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So newbies can afford to play and stop quitting because griefer pvp trash won’t let them get PLEX.

Link your lossmail.


Only to be killed by pvp trash griefers who kill newbies. Nobody wants to do PvP anyway, bittervet EVE is over and PvE is the future.

[citation needed]

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But then those newbies would not provide any income, since they buy PLEX for ISK from CCP, and not from other players who buy them with real money. So, all those bigger numbers would mean literally nothing for business. Therefore, it would never happen.

That said, why you want to introduce inflation?

In your deluded mind you have separated high sec from the rest of New Eden.

It is not and all those people, are us, we come to high to market and to take care of all sorts of mundane ■■■■ alts do to support mains. Don’t delude yourself into thinking that because there are so many people in high sec that they have some special say, they are us and we say NO.

High sec is not supposed to be equal, it’s the kiddie pool, just because some players are so afraid of Pixel Death that they won’t leave the kiddie pool, that is no excuse to bring the more difficult content to the kiddie pool.

Grow a pair and stop embarrassing yourself on the forums! :rofl:

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Bittervets crying about the new EVE. We are going to make highsec great again, bittervets like you are not who CCP wants anymore.