Request for CCP to allow remaining High Sec Capitals to be traded

Dear CCP,

I would like to request you remove the following clause from the rules around the use of high sec capitals:

> A capital ship restricted (under normal game mechanics) to 0.4 space or lower may never change ownership under any circumstance, willfully or not, while in high-security space (0.5 security systems and above).

Eve is a sandbox universe and with that sandbox it provides its community with many opportunities. As Eve has evolved over many years, the players have been given unique items including T2 BPO via lottery, Alliance Tournament ships and even whole stations.

Players who choose to live in high sec will never experience a lot of the end game ships including flying a Titan. Owning a high sec capital would be that end game experience until all of the high sec capitals are destroyed and they are resigned to legend.

Much like the alliance ships, much like the faction citadels once they are gone from the game they will be gone forever. Until then players should be able to collect, trade or simply pass them onto the next generation of players.

I am not asking you to change what you can do with them but by allowing them to be traded it would preserve some of Eve’s history until we finally blow them all up :grinning:

Many thanks

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I am all for this.

Lets allow High sec capitals to be traded.

And the very few hisec capitals that exist, if any, are allowed to be traded.

Of course, capitals will still be banned from being ever able to enter, or be built in hisec.

This will essentially prevent people from even getting their hands on titans in hisec, because, again, i have no knowledge of any titan that exists in hisec.

But sure. Im all up for this.

HiSec is essentially the Kiddie Pool, you have to leave the Kiddie Pool to use the Diving Board…


Thats kinda the point of highsec…
Soooo, GTFO of highsec!

Cannot use it? I see the point.
Cannot trade? What is the harm?

+1 from me to OP

I think it’s a fairness issue. Those capitals are a privilege and if CCP allowed to trade them they would be privileging their owners, which is bad (Golden Scorpions anyone?).

What’s the price cap for one of the rarest ships in EVE, one that exists only by privilege of CCP? 100 billion ISK? 200? 300?

Better don’t mud those waters, IMO.

That wouldn’t even be a down payment.

That said, I’m pretty indifferent on this. Though it might be fun to see some doofus buy $4,000.00 worth of PLEX to buy one just so he can lose it as soon as he wanders outside the docking range on the first day.

I see peoples point about leaving Hi Sec and it is my choice to remain but throughout the years CCP has given individual players advantages (think free t2 BPO, think free marshalls, etc) because they have been lucky enough to be playing at the time.

The Hi Sec capital are the only thing CCP has told people not to trade, they are the only thing the have put an arbatory restriction on that would not affect the sandbox universe.

If they turn out to be 400+ billion to buy (i would be sad as I could never get one) but that would be a player market limit much like other rare ships. T2 BPO’s that would cost 40B+ that were won many years ago by lucky players through a lottery and these can be traded.

For a lot of new players to see a capital going through a gate in Hi Sec would spark their imaginiation and is what Eve is all about. The sandbox where anything is achievable, except a high sec captial that no matter what you ever do you will never be allowed on. That does not seem to follow the idea of the sandbox, and once they are all destroyed they are all destroyed.

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I made a post a few weeks ago about a new high sec capital ship.

It would definitely fire my imagination to see capitals roaming high sec.

What a wonderful poster you are.


Don’t you have enough isk already ?


lol, I wish :grinning:

Just go to Null, plenty of people looking to trade big ships.

They should remove all Caps/Supers out of Hi Sec or remove the restriction.

Personally, I think Capitals should be banned from Hi Sec and Super Capitals should be banned from Hi Sec and Low Sec.

That would create a more clearly stratified gaming environment that many have been asking for.

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