WTB Caps docked @ HS

Prices negotiatable looking for either Dread, CArrier, FAx or Rorq.

It’s not allowed unfortunately, assuming by HS you mean highsec.

The rules for the existing caps in highsec prevent ownership change.

See rule 4 and 5:

Thx for your input but I knew all that. I have specific reason to by one (any of what I mentioned) and would like to make an arrangement of special event.

4.A capital ship restricted (under normal game mechanics) to 0.4 space or lower may never change ownership under any circumstance, willfully or not, while in high-security space (0.5 security systems and above). ◦This includes, but is not restricted to: Using the EVE market system, using the EVE contract system, using station direct trades, abandoning it in space.

5.Breach any of the above will cause the capital ship involved to be moved to a nearby low security system. Should the ship have changed ownership, all transactions involved will be reversed and the previous owner given an official warning in addition to having the ship moved.

So you knew it and posted this thread anyway?

Seems kind of pointless, since it can’t happen.

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Capitals located in High Sec that would normally be not allowed do have strict rules regarding their use; one being that if you do own one, you are not allowed to sell/trade/contract it to another player.

Doing so is a break of the rules and would result in the transaction being voided and the capital being moved out of high sec, as per the rules set for these ships (that you can see by clicking here).

With this post, you are asking for someone who owns a HS capital to breach these rules set by CCP on their usage.

I’ll go ahead and close this for now, but I do recommend that you create a support ticket about the rules for HS capitals if you have questions about these ships.